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Juliana And Erick left a couple days ago and I missed her already, she was still a brat but she was my only friend. I'm going to see her in a month for her gender reveal celebration, that means Zabdiel and I are flying to Cuba. Zabdiel and Erick are still trying to find a way to smuggle cocaine on the north side of Cuba. They thought of everything but the law is stricter over there than here.

I finished playing with my dogs and they decided to sleep in the living room. I wore some spandex shorts on along with Zabdiel's Michael Jackson T shirt. I walked down the hall and I noticed he wasn't in the bedroom. I made my way to his office and I knocked on the door. "Qué pasa ahora?!" He raised his voice frustrated, Excuse me? Did he just- "Zabdiel it's me." I said, "Come in." I heard, i opened the door and Zabdiel was sitting on his chair with a map on the desk. He looked stressed as he was trying to find a way to smuggle in the drugs.

That's his fault for selling drugs in the first place. But I couldn't help but feel bad. "It's already late and I just wanted to check up on you before I went to bed." I told him, he looked up and he leaned against the chair. "Ugh why does Cuba have to be like that." He sighed and rubbed his face. I walked closer to him and I glanced at the map. He had little color coated lines that showed the passages they needed to take in order to get on that specific side.

"Mira, Zab..why don't you go this way instead on that way?" I asked He looked at the map and he shook his head. "No we need Joel, he has that stop point in order to turn it in. We can't just leave Florida." He said. "Well fuck Joel, if you take a boat instead of a plane. It will be easier, especially since this side is the wealthy side of Cuba there is less violence and security because only rich people live there, maybe y'all can sell some to them as well." I told him. His eyes widened and he grabbed a red pen and made a path with my idea, "But what about Florida?" He asked, "Try New York instead." I told him, "They're just as drug hungry as Florida." I finished. What am I doing? Why am I helping him? People die of overdose because of this. "The Dominican Republic already has New York." He said, as he leaned against the seat again. "Then tomorrow morning you make a phone call and make a deal, swap states." I shrugged. "It's not that easy." He told me. "Well you are smart so I'm pretty sure you can figure something out." I said, "Maybe you're right, i think this can actually work." He told me and I smiled. "See you stress for no reason." I said as I pulled him but he wouldn't budge. "Let's go to bed." I told him. "Wait just a little while longer." He told me and I sighed, I don't know what took over me but I moved his office chair to face me and I straddled him, his hands immediately went on my lower back and butt so I won't fall off. My arms wrapped around his neck and I rested my head on his left shoulder.

"If you don't come to bed then I'll just sleep here." I said as I closed my eyes. "Muñeca, i can't focus if you are here." He admitted, "Why not?" I asked, "You're distracting me with your beauty." He said and I giggled. "I know but you're really warm and I'm cold." I told him. I moved my head from his shoulder and I looked into his eyes I felt like he was looking into my soul, my lips soon found his.

He pulled me closer if that was possible and his grip on my ass tightened. "Zabdiel." I moaned against his lips, we separated to catch our breath but his lips found their way to my neck again. His eyes were filled with lust and mine were as well. I know for a fact he left me a hickey and I didn't care.

I moaned his name again then we heard peanut and pumpkin barking. I pulled away, "Zabdiel I think someone is outside." I told him, "I don't think so.." he said and tried to pull me back to him, "Can you at least check?" I asked, he rubbed his face and groaned. He stood up and opened the drawer next to him in his desk, it was a gun I didn't know he had that there.

I didn't want to be alone so I followed him and I held the back of his shirt, the dogs stopped barking by this time and they ran to us. We looked out the clear sliding door and we saw a stray cat walking around, "Baby it was just a fucking cat." He turned to me, "Sorry." I mumbled, he seemed really annoyed and tired. Maybe even sexually frustrated. He sat on the couch and patted his lap,Peanut ended up hopping on his lap and Zabdiel shooed him off since he wanted me there instead. "Are you upset?" He asked and I shook my head, he patted his lap again and I walked to him and I sat on his lap, not in a straddling position like before but like a Santa Claus type of thing.

"You're upset, I can tell." He told me, "No I am not." I crossed my arms. "Why don't you just tell me what's wrong?" He said annoyed. "Because you have a bad attitude Zabdiel, you're upset that we stopped making out and also you're tired and stressed so any little thing is going to annoy you." I said, "But that doesn't mean you have to lie to me." He said and I rolled my eyes, "Do you want the truth?" I asked, he nodded so I looked away. "I was afraid." I admitted. "Afraid of what?" He asked, "I wasn't sure if someone was here, I just got worried because of your reputation. I didn't know if someone was coming to hurt you." I said lowly. "Nena, you have nothing to worry about. People respect me." He said, "Out of fear they do." I told him and he rolled his eyes and sighed. I shook my head and I removed myself from his lap, he tried to grab my hand but I moved away. "Listen to me Zabdiel, I want you to go upstairs, put on your pajamas and sit on the bed. I will be in the kitchen making a special tea that can help you relax and go to sleep. I don't want to argue with you or deal with your bullshit. Can you do that for me?" I asked, "Eres tan mandona." He told me, I glared at him and with another eye roll he got up and went upstairs with Pumpkin following him.

I went to the kitchen and I turned on the kettle, I got a mug prepared for him with a little chamomile tea bag as well. When the kettle started making the noise I carefully pour the hot water in the mug. I glanced up in the window in front of me and I swear I saw something run behind a tree, I squinted my eyes to see what it was and I felt a sting on my hand. "Oww holy shit!" I hissed and set the kettle down, I burned my hand. I quickly went to my little aloe Vera plant next to the sink and I cut off a piece. I rubbed it on the small burn on my finger. I finished making his tea and I was careful while I went up the stairs.

"Sorry it took me awhile. I kind of burned myself.." I said as I handed him his tea. He still looked a little annoyed, "Where did you hurt yourself?" He asked, I showed him my palm and he gentle grabbed my hand and examined it. "I'm sorry princesa." He sighed, and kissed my wrist.

I smiled lightly and I sat next to him, "I was going to give you a back and shoulder massage but I don't want to put aloe Vera on your back, so the tea will have to do." I said and he laughed, "Thank you, i appreciate it." He said and he took a sip. "I'm sleepy so goodnight, you should try to fall asleep too." I told him and I gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Fine fine." He mumbled. I rolled to my side of the bed and I snuggled in my blanket waiting for him. After like 10 minutes I felt him move and he left the bed. I turned and he left his mug there, I glared at the cup then the door. I grabbed my pillow and my blanket over my shoulders to his office, there he was. Looking at the stupid map. "This is why we have issues." I told him as I walked in, "I thought you were asleep." He said. "Well you thought wrong bitch." I replied and I layed on the floor. "Wake me up when you want to go to bed." I told him. Once my head hit the pillow I was out like a light. I didn't hear what he said after I layed down.