Chapter 7- It Doesn't Hurt

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The group got to a clearing and Armella raised an eyebrow as the clearing filled with white flowers and the group was transported to the necropolis in a flash of blue, she heard King fly in and she stood by Meliodas, her arms over her chest as she glanced around. "Hmm.", and Ban and King ran off. Armella felt someone watching her and she glanced over her shoulder, she saw someone walk by. She farrowed her eyebrows and walked off, unnoticed by Diane, Meliodas, Hawk, and Elizabeth.

10 Years Ago

Armella laughed as the group spoke together, "What about you, Mella?", she tilted her head, "Have you ever been in love?", the red-headed warrior shook her head, "No, I haven't. But I have almost been married.", Meliodas and Ban spit out their ale, "Tell us about it.", Armella softly smiled, "His name was Erin. He was the son of my Cousin's Husband's Cousin. He was younger than my cousin and her husband. My age. We were younger by only a few years. My parents and his thought we would make a great pair and we could continue on family lines with beautiful and strong children, ones meant to lead.", she softly smiled, "I was lucky. For I knew my betrothed and liked him enough to agree to the marriage. He was taller than me by a good 6 inches, skilled in weapons, a true leader in his own rights. Loyal to his family and friends, and stood for what was right. He had amazing silky blonde hair and his eyes were the color of the sky. He was a true gentleman, proper. We were weeks away from our marriage when he was killed in battle. We were to be married in the spring surrounded by the greenery, our people loved nature and the trees a lot. Our kingdom hidden in a vast forest and protected by magic. Sadly, that magic didn't save us from the demons and man.", she glanced down as she thought back but smiled softly, "It's all in the past though, so let's not dwell on it.", and the company fell into stories of laughter and joy after that.


Armella drew her twin blades, the handles made of antlers and wrapped with the leather of a beast she had hunted. She swung and her arm was blocked and she was spun around, her back meeting a chest. She grunted as she flipped the person and landed on them with her blades at their throat. She was thrown to the side and climbed on, arms going to either side of her head as thighs held her arms to her side, her eyes widened, "Erin.", and the man above her smirked, "Hello, love. You've been up to some things since we last met.", and she was silent. How was this possible? She hasn't shared her thoughts. "How are you here?", he softly smiled, "I heard you needed help.", she gasped as tears filled her eyes and she hugged the man above her, he crashed into her chest and he set back, pulling her up. She was in his lap and she cried. Erin kisses the top of her head and held her close. "You're not changing as long as I can help it.", and he held her close. His mind went back to the words from the elder, "Tell her not to give up. Her one shall cross paths with her soon, in fact, they've already crossed paths. 10 years ago. He's a holy knight now, they'll level each other out nicely.", then the pair heard a loud boom. Armella jumped up, "Elizabeth, Captain.", and she ran off, "Armella! Wait!", and Erin followed.

Meliodas grunted as he was thrown back into Diane and the two hit a crystal, "You're not a formidable as I was expecting, disappointing.", the Holy Knight Gila threw her sword and she sighed as her sword was thrown back, "You won't hurt them, not while I still breath.", the woman tilted her head, "Lady Armella, the Queen Knight, I thought you were dead.", Armella glared, "You thought wrong.", and the two started fighting. Meliodas and Diane watched the two and Meliodas frowned as he felt Armella's powers grow and turn slightly darker, she changed suits and weapons, but instead of the familiar rainbow glow, it was a dark purple. Her suit was a dark purple and her sword massive, it wasn't a sword, it was a scythe. She stalked forward and Gila hummed, "This is new.", and Armella threw the woman back with a movement of her hand, "I said, you won't hurt them.", and she swung the scythe, Gila threw her sword and as the scythe broke Gila's bond to the necropolis, the blade pierced through Armella and disappeared, the red head fell. "Armella!", and all the others surrounded her. "Are you alright, Captain? Is Elizabeth okay?", her voice was soft as blood surrounded her body. Erin's eyes widened and he ran over, to the others he was just a golden blob. Elaine watched as Ban's eyes filled with tears and King rested beside his friend, his guardian holding her. "Where all does it hurt, Armella?", she looked at Meliodas, "It doesn't. It doesn't hurt.", she coughed and blood left her mouth and Ban ran over, "Quit playing around, damn it!", she closed her eyes and Ban slapped her cheeks, "I'm sorry. I'm just tired.", Ban's tears fell, "No you're not.", she softly smiled, "I'm sorry I was so mean, Ban.", he frowned, "Don't apologize just yet, Princess. Okay. You're okay.", Erin walked over and stood above her before falling to his knees beside her. He showed himself to the others. "Who the hell are you?", Meliodas frowned as the blonde placed his hands on her wound, "You don't get to go just yet, Armella Belmont. This world isn't done with you and you have a mate to find.", the wound glowed gold and a dark orb flew from her body as the wound closed and he faded, "Erin, stop.", and the Sins gasped. "You'll leave.", he softly smiled, "You'll live.", she shook her head, "Don't do this.", he chuckled, "You're not stopping me.", he kissed her forehead, "You'll find your mate soon, Armella. You'll be happy. I give you my word, my love.", she closed her eyes as her wound healed and Erin disappeared with a glance at Ban, "Be lucky I can't kill you.", and Elaine frowned. What had Ban done to this girl? The group was taken in a flash of blue and they were out of the necropolis, Meliodas picked up the unconscious red-head and they went to the Boar's Hat. Meliodas placed her in the bed and frowned, "Wake up soon, Mel. Okay.", and he kissed her forehead and before walking downstairs.

Armella sat up with a gasp, her red head flew forward and she glanced around. She got out of the bed she was in and she glanced around. She didn't know this place. She clenched her jaw and a knife appeared in her hand, the colors brighter than normal. She swallowed and glanced around she was in a nice house. She must be back in Elton. She farrowed her eyebrows, no this wasn't Gramps House. She walked by a mirror and she tilted her head, she glanced at herself. She was older, not by much. She ran her hand through her hair, which was a few inches longer. A flash of gold caught her eye and she gapped, a wedding band. She tilted her head as she heard talking and laughing below her. She walked down the stairs and peeked around the corner to see a blonde man with two kids, a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes and a boy with red hair and purple eyes that matched the mans. She tilted her head, "Mom!", and her eyes widened as the two kids hugged her, she picked them up and smiled, "Hey kiddos. How are you?", she kissed their cheeks and the man stood, "Good morning, babe.", the man stood and kissed her cheek and bent down, "Good morning, son.", she chuckled as she set the two kids down, "I've told you, were having another girl.", he shook his head, "No, this is Howzer Jr for sure.", she laughed, "You said that about Karmen too, she's a girl. We could have named Erza, Howzer Jr.", Howzer frowned, "No, he has your hair color. It wouldn't make sense.", she chuckled and gave him a gentle kiss. There was a knock on the door and Howzer opened the door, "Sir Meliodas, Lady Elizabeth, Sir King, Lady Diane. Come in.", Armella spoke, "I'll get the kids changed.", she changed with a flash of her powers and she walked toward the living room area of the house, "Come on, Uncle Mel and Aunt Liz are here along with Uncle King and Aunt Diane.", Karmen look at her mother, "Where is Aunt Merlin, Uncle Escanor, And Uncle Gowther?", Armella softly smiled, "I don't know.", there was another knock on the door and a voice, "Mella! Come on!", Howzer sighed, "I thought I told him to stay away.", she stood with frown, "I'll handle it.", she opened the door, "Ban, we told you not to come around anymore.", he grabbed her, "Come on, you have to wake up. We need you. We found Diane's Gideon. Come on.", she frowned, "What?", he sighed, "We need you, Mella. Please. Wake up.", she gasped and her eyes widened.

Ban jumped as Armella set up with a gasp and she fell from the bed and onto the floor. Her eyes were wide and filling with tears. "Why would you wake me up?", he frowned, "I, I was happy. I had a family.", he farrowed his eyebrows, "The Sins, we're your family, Armella.", she shook her head, "I was married and had two kids and another on the way. We were eating brunch and then you showed up. You, you ruined it.", Ban frowned, "Mella, it was just a dream.", she glared as she stood and punched him out the room, through the wall. He landing on the ground and she jumped, changing into her day outfit and she landed on her left knee. She glared as she stood and Ban growled, "Stop being dumb, Armella.", her eyes darkened and she jumped, only to get thrown backwards, Meliodas stood in front of Ban with his broken blade, "Meliodas!", King flew after her and Diane followed. Meliodas ran and he sighed as Ban followed, "I told you not to wake her up.", Ban rolled his eyes, "She's the best fighter we got.", Meliodas growled, "She is out of commission!", Diane was knelt down as King had Armella's head on his lap. She was bleeding, again. She stood up and glared, "I should kill you.", Meliodas frowned, "Armella.", she shook her head, "No matter what Ban does you will always forgive him and take him back. He could try to kill you and you'd take him back! I was dreaming and happy and not in pain!", Meliodas flinched as she stood up and she shook her head. "So much for being my brother.", and she walked away. Meliodas glanced down and Diane frowned as they watched her change into a black and silver three piece outfit and a hood went over her head. She walked toward the city and toward the fighting festival, Elizabeth frowned, "Where is Lady Armella going?", Meliodas sighed, "Stay here. We'll bring her back. You too Diane, giants aren't allowed here.", and the three boys, along with Hawk, left the Boar's Hat.

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