Chapter 30

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A/N: If don't remember some of the characters in this chapter, I suggest you reread chapters 22 and 23. 👍🏽

"Where the hell this nigga going?" Vanessa said to herself as she followed Ava's car.

After she had got off the phone with Aaron, she made a quick turn and followed him to make sure he took Ava home safely.

From the looks of it, he didn't know where he was going. She tried calling him again, but he kept declining. She didn't have Blue's number, so she decided to call Zay.

Zay answered right away, "Yo?" He yawned, tiredly.

"Babe, were you sleep?"

Indeed he was sleep but when he heard the fear in her voice, he sat up and cut on his lamp. "Nah I'm up, you good?"

"Me and Ava were at the club—remember when I told you that we were going out?"

"Yeah," he listened, anxious for what she was about to say next.

"I don't know what happened, but Ava had ran into to Blue somewhere and he was mad tight with her about something. I guess he didn't want her going out to the club, so he had told me to take her home because she was drunk—"


"All of a sudden babe, I heard gunshots going off. I kid you not, there were at least three people shooting and Blue told us to leave. I grabbed Ava and we left, but we didn't drive the same car and I didn't want her driving alone, so some guy had came with us—"

"Who?" Zay hopped out of his bed and went to his closet to put on a black hoodie and timbs. By the way Vanessa sounded, he could tell that something was wrong and he wasn't going to think twice about getting out of his comfort zone to see what's up. Especially, if it had something to do with Ava and Blue.

"I-I really can't remember his name. I think it was Ayden? I don't know, but I told him to put Ava in my car. He said it was better if he take her in her own car so we wouldn't have to go back to the club, but I'm following him and he's not even going in the right direction." She said, still shaken up.

"Ayden?" Zay thought aloud. "What he look like?"

"Asap Rocky with cornrows."

Zay chuckled and instantly thought about Aaron, "why you said it like dat?"

"Zay Im not playing! Something ain't right!"

"Okay okay my bad. His name is Aaron and that's Simon lil brother, so I'm pretty sure Ava's good, especially if Blue told him to come with y'all."

"Are you sure?" Vanessa stomach was doing twist and turns. She felt guilty for asking Ava to go out with her in the first place.

"Yeah fosho, but does he know where to take her? She staying with her moms and I don't even think Blue knows where that is."

"I don't know, I guess Blue told him, but I don't trust him. He could of just put her in my car when I asked. Maybe I'm overreacting but I see with my own two eyes that he's going the wrong way! I'm not stupid."

Zay sighed and grabbed his keys along with his gun before exiting his room. "Is yo location on?"


"Ight, I'm on my way. Keep following the nigga and calm down, it's gonna be Ight."

Vanessa took a deep breath and nodded as if Zay could see her. "Okay bae."

"Ight I'm comin'," He hung up.

Vanessa was pissed. She wondered what happened after Ava left her on the dance floor. I should of went with her, she thought as she bit on her nails. She also wondered what lead to the shooting. Maybe one of Blue's friends was trying to talk to her and he got mad.

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