Chapter Nine

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The next morning, I woke up to multiple calls missed from Zak. Immediately, I called him back to find out that he had a bad nightmare and was checking on me. He went full panic mood, but from what I understood, Aaron helped calm him down. I owe Aaron one.

I had finished my assistant work that remained when I decided to get on Facebook for a while. I was scrolling until TMZ stopped my heart and made me die a little inside.


"What the fuck?!" I cried out.

Gracie jumped on my lap and looked at me with worry. I hugged her tight, kissed her and stood to my feet to grab my phone and dial Zak.

"Baby, what's going on? We just got off the phone?"
"Don't you dare 'Baby' me, you two timing fuckboy! Do you seriously think that I wouldn't find out about you and Holly?!"
"Mandy, what are you talking about?"
"Check TMZ, two timer! When you get back, have Aaron send my things from the bus to me. I'll text him."
"Man," Zak said before I cut him off.

Gracie whimpered, knowing that something was wrong. I hugged her tightly and whispered that I'd miss her. I gave her my bandanna that I had with me and tied it around her neck. I grabbed the items from his house that was here and left as I never existed. Gracie whined more as she saw me leave, but I had to. I couldn't stay.

Later that day, I stayed in a hotel and had already emptied out a gallon of chocolate ice cream, watching Bram Stokers Dracula with tears in my eyes when someone knocked on the door. Pausing the movie, I went up to the door to find Aaron with my suitcase.

"Hey," I whispered.
"Hey," he replied sympathetically. "Do you know if it's fake?"
"No, but I don't care!"
"Zak is hurting too," he told me.
"Fuck Zak!"

Aaron sighed deeply.

"Can I come in?" he wondered seeing the movie I was watching. "That's funny. This is one of Zak's favorites."
"Well, it might as well be my least favorite now."
"Look, I'll see if he really is. I am not taking sides though."
"I don't expect you to, Aaron," I told him looking down. "Thanks again."

He smiled, gave me a hug and opened the door. Zak was on the other side.

"Great! At least I know that my problems are exactly like the paranormal because they're haunting me as we speak!" I groaned as Aaron laughed. "What the hell do you want?!"
"Please, let me show you the truth!"

Aaron then left us to it as I fell in my bed.

"Why would I care?! The one guy I end up falling for and his face is all over TMZ!"
"And you're blaming this on me!"

At that time, Holly Madison herself had passed him and said Hi to him in the most flirtatious way.

"Are you fucking kidding me?! Go fuck yourself, Zachary Alexander Bagans!"

With that, I slammed the door and cried myself to sleep. It was officially 'Fuck Men' season.

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