Tic Tac Toe

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When I was walking to lunch, I suddenly thought about how lunch went yesterday, AND HOW THAT BRAT WAS MY BROTHERS GIRLFRIEND.

She's a bitch and it sucks that Cooper and my other brothers don't know that.

They'll figure it out one day though. For now,
I'm gonna stay quiet because I don't want to start anything.

Anyways, my smile that I had walking to lunch, turned into a frown. I remembered that I had no one to sit with. I honestly didn't want to sit by myself.

It's not fair that all my brothers have so much friends and I don't.

Well I did- until I had to come to this school.

I do have a feeling i'll make plenty of friends throughout the year though so.

I then went in the lunchroom and bought some lunch.

I bought some pizza roll things that looked super good in the moment.

After I bought my lunch, I scanned the lunch room to see everyone and to see if there was a table for me to sit at.

Thankfully, I saw someone I knew and then I smiled.

I saw Noah, sitting with a lot of other boys.

I definitely didn't want to walk and sit with him because he was with other people and that's just a no.

I guess he saw me looking over at him because he immediately got up and walked over to me.

"Hey" He said, doing that cute little smile.

"Hey" I said, smiling back.

"You wanna sit with us?" he asked.

I honestly did but didn't, I didn't want to sit with all those other boys because boys are jerks. Plus, they might've had beef with my other brothers and I don't want to make any more enemy's.

I guess he saw the worry in my face so he said:

"Don't worry, they're all chill. I'll tell them you're with me." He said doing that little smile again.

Ugh, he's so dang cute.

"Okay" I said kind of blushing.

He walked over to the table and I followed.

I sat down next to him and some other boy with some really light blonde hair.

As soon as I sat down, they all stopped talking and just looked at me.

"Who's she?" One of them asked.

"My friend." Noah said.

"A friend?" Another dude said smirking.

"Yes Ivan" Noah said playfully annoyed.

"What's your name." Ivan said.

"Paisley" I said.

"Oh hi" Ivan said.

A lot of other boys said hey to me and talked to me for a bit.

Soon after that, they started their conversations again.

It wasn't that bad.

They didn't really care that I was there so it wasn't as awkward.

I was super relieved that didn't ask me about my brothers because I didn't want them to know I was a sibling to the Hayes brothers.


The day was going by super fast. I was now in 7th period.

In this class, I had no friends. I talked to some people in my other classes, but in this one, I literally talked to no one... until today.

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