1 - To La Paz We Go

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The Narrator

The Residencies are the two tall, black, stone towers rising from the flat plains enclosed by the ring of towering mountains. The Residencies, the buildings around them, and all the land which were within those enormous stone walls comprised Wolfgang Academy, an elite school for orphaned children. Inside the Residencies lived the students of Wolfgang Academy, children whom Headmistress Emily Longhorn discovered in the foster care system, and orphanages, children demonstrating exceptional academic potential. To harness this potential, she brought an excellent staff of distinguished teachers from all over the world: from Brisbane, Australia to Alaska, United States.

Kirt Heinrich

"Get your bags in order, students. Make sure to check if you have everything in your bags. Y'all are going to a third-world country. So, if you forget to take something with you, y'all are gonna have a tough time," instructed Miss Berkley, coming to her closing remarks after a long, boring list of instructions, "And remember, please don't forget to bring toothbrushes and toothpaste with you. Bring spares too! Y'all don't want Mr. Gallagher and Ms. Seagale with your bad breath. Any more questions?"

We all looked at each other, waiting for someone to ask a question.

"Well, seeing that none of you have any more questions, I'll make my way to  the Girls' Residency then." Miss. Berkley grabbed her cup of hot chocolate and her files and smiled at us before walking towards the door.

"That's one boring woman," commented Timothy, "Can't stand her talking for so long."

Jackson King chimed in, "I wonder how her husband deals with her."

Francisco Adelante laughed. Once that much-hated bloke joined the conversation, a dead silence permeated the air. Ouch! The atmosphere was tense because not many people liked Francisco, the guy who sucks up to girls. I could tell that Timothy and Jackson were waiting for him to leave. Timothy was stifling his desire to snap, "We aren't talking to you, Adelante." But, he held his peace without saying anything, like Jackson King, who wanted to say something worse.

"Well, guys, I'll go to my room then," I said, trying to break the tension and silence.

"Goodnight, Kirt," said Jackson, followed by Francisco Adelante and Timothy McAllister. 

"Goodnight, guys." I got up to leave. 

Sensing that his presence was not wanted by Timothy and Jackson, Francisco walked away and sat in the corner of the room with his PSP. 

When I was on my way to the door, I remembered something and asked: "Timothy, did you see Hernanda lately?"

"Ooooh!" said Jackson, nudging Timothy. "Someone's got a crush." Jackson winked at me.

My face turned red like a fresh lobster. As much as I tried not to smile and suppress the reddening of my face, I failed. I broke into a smile.

"Look at his face!" said Jackson pointing at me.

"Shut up, Jackson," I said throwing a cushion at his face.

He caught it and said, "Someone is in love."

"His face is getting redder and redder," teased Timothy.

"Guys —" I couldn't formulate the rest of the words. My cheeks and ears warmed up with blood rushing into them. My heart was beating faster. "Guys — "

"He can't even talk. LOL!" said Jackson. 

Soon the laughter calmed down and Timothy said, "Last time we saw her was at the Student Loung: the one in Braydon Hamilton block. She left early from our Dungeons and Dragons game because she wanted to pack and go to bed before 9."

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