Chapter 7

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Miracle POV

He held me close as he pounded my pussy. My head was on his shoulder as I moaned. We've been going at it for 2 hours now. Non-stop....both sober as fuck but I was drunk off his energy.

"God Chris right there," I moaned in his ear.

"Right here baby? like that don't you?"

"YESSSSSSS," I came all on his dick.

"I love you momma," he confessed kissing me on the neck sending me more chills.

Wow....he loves me?!?! Damn.....

"Aahhh I love you too Chris"


"Chrisss," I scratched his back as he went deeper.

He frowned, " girl are you on crack?!?!....I'm daddy in bed shawty"

I couldn't even respond. Words couldn't form. My body was shaking uncontrollably while I came for the 4th time. This nigga only came 2 times in 2 hours....EXPLAIN my nigga.

"Who pussy is this Miracle?"

"Yours's all yours," my eyes rolled to the back of my head.

"And do I like to share baby?"

"Nuh uh....daddy doesn't like the share," I cried gripping his shoulders.

"When can I get that pussy baby?"

"Anytime....anywhere, and how ever daddy"

He pulled out and placed me on my knees. Chris immediately yanked my hair back pounding my as

"Who is Devonte?" Chris chuckled.

"I don't know daddy....stranger stranger"

He smirked, "that's my girl"


I laid up in bed staring at him as he slept. It's 5 in the morning right now.He looked so beautiful....and he wasn't even trying. The shit that took place some hours agai was amazing....I could never forget it. My body was feeling good...refreshen.

Finally Chris woke up and took a piss then walked back and sat next to me.

He rubbed his face, "man...shit was crazy," he chuckled.

I shyly smiled.

He phone buzzed indicating someone texted him. I looked over and saw Karrueche name. UGHH forgot about him.

He sighed, "look a friend I wanna say..,,we should stay friends. I don't wanna ruin what we just started you know?"

"Uh...I guess....was it not good," I pouted.

" was....amazing...I just...I Umm...I need to think shit through...last night I was on some other shit," he laughed. "I mean come on and you? A thing? Hell Naww we don't even like each other like that"


"I know you were just trynna get yo shit beat and I was trynna get my shit happened and it shouldn't happen again...we did this twice....if we keep this up it could ruin us"

I just sat there speechless.

"I understand," I forced outta my mouth not looking at him.

"Really?!?," he smiled.

I chuckled, "'re still highlighter and I'm still blacky or whatever"

He smacked his lips smiling, "hug?"

"Sure," I hugged him.

"But should get going...Karrueche on her way...I'll call you a Uber"

Just GREAT!!

I gathered my things and waited outside. Feels too familiar. Once the Uber came I began to cry the way home.

Blessing was waiting for me at home. She saw me crying and immediately became worried.

"Miracle what's wrong?"

I shook my head storming to my room.

How could I be so stupid. Blacky and highlighter was never met to was never fixed that way......

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