Part 8 ; Begin Fight

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*Taehyung POV*

I slowly let go of y/n's lips to not make her awake from her sleep but my eyes begin to conflict with her beautiful eyes.

I froze for a moment until I could not blink my eyes for fear she knew what I had done to her. Swallowing saliva in the throat is like swallowing sand. "Tae, what are you doing??"

Although I only heard her half sleep voice but my heart pounded hard. God, please save your dear child now.. "Em.. Emm.. Not-thing ju-jusst want to wake you up for din-nner only"

"But why are you so close to me?" I tried to smile at y/n to hide my nervous feeling now. "Emm. There are mosquitoes flying around you so I help you repel mosquitoes."

I pretend to repel mosquitoes with my hand. I hope y/n believe what I said to her, maybe? God, save me. "Okay??" Her eyes look at me with a confused look.

"Go downstairs now. I made dinner for you" I quickly change our topic and I smile to y/n. "It's okay tae but, I have no appetite to eat now" I sigh and looked at her. "Y/n, you need to eat instead you will get sick"

"No no.. I'm okay tae, don't worry about me" I know why y/n has no appetite to eat because she still hurt about what Jungkook did to her. I feel bad for you, y/n.

"Okay, you can continue sleep now and I have to go work early because I have an important meeting tomorrow so I've told the maid to prepare breakfast for you tomorrow at downstair"

"Okay, Thanks tae.."

"Your welcome, gebby"

*The End Taehyung POV*


*JP Group Meeting Rooms*

Jimin throws some important file to the meeting table. "I don't know what you are currently doing this new project. How can this project fall in stock 75%?!!! You all try to make my new project fall sharply?!!!!"

"Ceo Kim, what are you doing now?! How can this happen badly?!!!! Tell me!!" Jimin shouted at Taehyung with his both hand hit the meeting table.

"I tried to save this new project from the bankrupt but CEO from Jeon's Company did not work with my company all this time. What I can do now?!" Jimin smirks at Taehyung after he heard what Taehyung said to him.

"TS Groups and Jeon's Groups should work together throughout my new project as promised in our contract!!! Do you both want me to sue your both company for break the contact?!!!"

Then someone enter Jimin's meeting room. "CEO Park, didn't you think I have time for this meeting?!! My schedule is very dense now and you can't-"

But he suddenly stopped talking when he saw Taehyung in the meeting with them. "What the fuck you doing here?" Jimin looked at Jungkook then Taehyung and try to hide his smirk on his face. Perfect time!!

"Kim Taehyung is CEO of TS Group Company and you both work together about this new project. But what you both was done now!!! My new project almost bankrupt because of you both!!!"

I can't believe that Taehyung is my business partner all this time but how can I don't know about it?! "Why Taehyung is my business partner all this time and why you don't tell me about this?!"

"That is not important now!! And you should think properly before you sign the contract so it's not my fault but your own stupidity." Said Jimin to Jungkook.

"Watch your mouth when you talking about me, CEO Jeon!" Taehyung give him a sharp look. "I want you two listen properly what I want to say now! If you both can't solve the problems within 2 week. I swear, I'll break your leg and hands" Said Jimin to them.

"And I know what caused you both to fail in this new project." Both of them looked at Jimin sharply. "Because of y/n" Jungkook started smirks at him. "Why you must relate my wife to this problem?"

"Since when y/n is your wife, CEO.. Jeon?" Asked Taehyung to him. Wtf he was talking about right now? "Can you repeat what you say to me then I can shoot your head after that" Jungkook slowly looked at him back.

"What K-Drama I was watching now? Or should I call this Drama Queen?" Said Jimin and put his hands in his pocket. "Can you shut your mouth now?" Jimin try to calm after what Taehyung told him.

"I still wonder why you marry y/n even though you did not love her with all your heart." Jungkook walked towards Jimin. "None your business!!"

"What? Did I say something wrong? And men who are surrounded by many women like you, should not be in this world. You should not live in this.. WORLD"

Taehyung looked at Jimin sharply. What he was planning on us now? And how he know about y/n? He know about everything? "Then, what you want me to do?" Jungkook smirking.

"Simple. Let her go before I cut your perfect big d*ck" Taehyung lifted his eyebrows and looked at Jungkook and Jimin again. "What you want to on y/n if he let go of y/n after that?" Asked Taehyung.

"About that? Maybe I should tell you both now? I want to marry her" Jungkook pulling out his gun from his pocket and pointed at Jimin's face. "I dare you to say that again"

After Jungkook pulled out his gun then Jimin and Taehyung simultaneously pulled out their gun. Jungkook pointed at Jimin. Jimin pointed at Taehyung. And Taehyung pointed his gun at Jungkook.

"Talking again, we all will die" Said Taehyung at them. "Then, stop talking about y/n aka my wife"

"I said talk again, we all will die!!"

Jimin smirk at Taehyung. "I don't know why we suddenly pointed our gun at each other but don't make me angry about this. If not, you both will lose someone you love in an instant only."

"Don't dare me to kill you Park Jimin." Jungkook looked at him sharply. I swear I will kill him if he touch y/n. I will kill him with my own hand!!

"Because of you, y/n cry" Taehyung ready to release his dash on Jungkook. "And because of you, I lose y/n" Jimin also ready to release his dash on Taehyung.

"Let we see who will die and who will get y/n"

*To Be Continue*

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