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Kara grin from ear to ear as she hum sweetly at the documents on her desk. An ultimate sign that doomsday is coming in Winn's life. Kara hate paperwork, she rather went out and help the servants around the mansion than being stuck at her office. Usually, the valet had to drag the blonde to her office.

Why does she seem so happy working on those financial report?, wonder the valet.

Winn closed his eyes as he tried to ignore it but we all know that never goes as planned. The valet tidy his hair a bit before loudly clearing his throat.

"Ehem... you seem to be in a very good mood today. Any particular reason?", he asked.

"Do I need a reason to be in a good mood? I just decided that today I'm going to be happy today so, I'm happy." the blonde sweetly smile at her valet.


To be honest, Winn is a little skeptical about it. She just decided that she would be happy? Obviously, a lie. Kara may be cheerful most of the time but she is NOT, I repeat, she is NOT cheerful enough to be happy while working on paperworks. I mean, let use our logical mind here... Who would?

Winn pour some more tea into the half filled cup on Kara's desk. If the blonde doesn't want to tell him about it, he have to respect her choice.

Just as the valet decided to give up, a loud knock can be hear on the door.

"Come in~", Kara hummed.

A few seconds later, the door was swing open and the lady of the house calmly walk into the office. Winn can't help but noticed Kara's face literally light up at the sight of the brunette.

"Lena... What can I help you, love?", the blonde sofly asked her wife.

The valet next to her can't help but furrow his brows in confusion. When did Kara become so brave around Lena? Usually, the blonde would be too embarrassed to even say a word!

"James is going to the town to get some supplies. I was wondering if I could go with him."

"Of course, Lena! Anything for you."

Winn rolled his eyes at the cheesiness.

Shameless master, flirting with her wife in front of her single and lonely servant.

The valet glare at his master. Really, he need to start having a love life soon.

"Thank you, I'll get going then.", Lena grin as she slightly bend her upper body to her husband. Giving the blonde a glimpse of her cleavage.

Kara blush at the view. It doesn't matter how many times she have seen and touched those amazing boobs, the blonde still get aroused when she is given such a chance to look at it. Kara gulped her own saliva before unconsciously move her hand to grab the piece of haven right in front of her.

"A-hemm!!!", Winn rudely clear his throat.

The blonde immediately stop herself before her hand could reach Lena. A part of her was glad that Winn had stop her from embarrassing herself but a part of her also feel like they want to kill the valet for taking such chance from her.

Kara settled her emotions with a glare to her valet.

"This might be a great chance for you to give her the seal, Kara." , said Winn. He purposely avoid eye contact with anyone in the room. It is kinda awkward for him to do so after witnessing such... intense level of flirting? ... happening in front of him.

Making an O shape with her mouth, Kara quickly open the first drawer of her desk. She then pull out a little piece of metal, just as big and tall as half of her index finger, from the drawer. The metal was craved into a shape of a dragon.

"Here, its the family's seal. You will need it if you want to withdraw money from the bank or sending any official letter. I would advise for you to inform me before you go to the bank. I'll help to make the paperwork easier so they would give you total access into all of my accounts."

Explained Kara as she hand over the seal to her wife. Lena on the other hand just stare dumbfounded at the seal. Her husband is giving her the full access to her accounts? How is that believable? Wives are never given the same right as their husbands. Now, Lena knew Kara is also a girl like her but that... The brunette sigh.

"I can't refuse this, can I?"

"Nope, you can't.", answered Kara and Winn at the same time.

In Kara's opinion, she love Lena too much to not treat her as an equal. Besides, isn't that what all marriage are about? Love, bliss and compassion.

Meanwhile, in Winn's opinion, leaving his master alone to handle all the house affairs is not a smart decision. The blonde are always away because of business trip and usually the house affair would be handled by him but now that the house have a Lena. He wouldn't mind letting go some of his responsibilities. In other words, he is just too lazy to handle the house anymore.

Gently, as if the piece of metal would break in her hand, Lena take the seal from her husband. The seal is far from heavy but the responsibility that comes with the seal sure are.

Lena look at the piece of metal in her hand, she smiled.

"I'll get going now, James is waiting for me.", excused the brunette before walking away from the room.

Kara stare at Lena until she couldn't see her anymore. The blonde sigh happily at the thought of her lovely wife. Suddenly, she can feel a killing intend stare behind her.

"So... What exactly are you not telling me, 'Master'." , asked her valet.

In this situation, it is hard to see which one is the master and which one is the servant. Kara shiver in horror as she turn to face the death reaper behind her.

Author's note

Yo, yo... Sorry for the late update!😅 I just transferred college and just finished unpacking my stuff in our new home. Forgive me? Awe, thanks! You don't have a choice anyway😏

Love you all, awesome people!!!

Ops... forgot to tell you that I've just published the first chapter of my first original story on Wattpad. The title is Stalked By Ms Elen Summer. Tell me what you think of it and whether or not I should continue the story.

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