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With a small groan, a zombie like Luna had trudged her way over to the mess hall so she could get some much needed coffee. Her hair was in a messy croissant bun—it had been somewhat neat but her slumber had ruined that—she wore one the camps shirt, specifically a black one that wasn't her own but instead Chris' a pair of spandex shorts, and a loose knit cardigan along with some old and damaged, white trainers. They weren't many people awake, hell, some of the counsellors were still away in la la land, but Luna had a very unhealthy habit of not sleeping much.

"Morning Luna" Hyunjin greeted her with a kiss on her cheek, something that the younger ones in the group had grown to do due to her elder sister figure.

Luna covered her mouth with a sleeved hand as she yawned. "Morning Jinnie"

"Coffee~" Jeongin sang before handing her a mug, and just like Hyunjin, he gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks Innie" she ruffled his hair before shuffling over to their group table. She sat next to Seungmin who was reading a book with a cup of coffee next to him. "Morning Minnie, what's today's book?" She inquired as she gently ruffled her hair. He gave her an annoyed look as she sipped her coffee, he was able to see her eyes turn to crescent moons meaning she was smiling.

He gently shook his head before looking back at his book. "Just some of the old greek tales, like Achilles and Perseus"

Luna hummed, grasping her mug in both hands as she observed the contents. "Mm, the classics"

Jeongin and Hyunjin has finally seated themselves, each with their own drink and something to entertain themselves. Hyunjin had iced tea and fidget cube, and Jeongin had apple juice along with a pen and pad to scribble on. "So why're you three up so early?"

They shrugged, Jeongin being the only one to give a verbal answer, "Channies up too, he's somewhere in the forest"

"Has he eaten anything? Or drunk anything?"

Again they all shrugged. "Aish these kids"

Luna got up, but before she did she pressed a kiss to Seungmins temple to which he didn't react as it was normal. She gulped down her own coffee before heading to make some more, pouring it into a thermos once it was done; now it was time for her adventure to go find their wandering leader.

She wandered through the forest, humming a peaceful tune as the birds sang their little songs. The gentle flow of the creek was audible to her and soothed her tired soul; the soft breeze gently kissed at her skin, making tiny goosebumps rise. Nature always made the best music. After aimlessly walking around for a few minutes, she slipped off her trainers, carrying them in her free hand, oh how she adored feeling the cool earth under her feet.

She called out lazily, but a small giggle laced his name; "Christopher!"

"Over here!" Luna followed the sound of his voice, finding him rather quickly. He was sitting by the creek, a small calico kitten circling him before plopping down in his lap. He looked over at Luna with a smile; gently holding up the kitten and making its paw wave to her. She laughed a bit before walking over to him and sitting down.

"Hi precious, aren't you adorable" she cooed to the feline before gently petting it with her knuckle. "None of us have a cat as a symbol" she hummed.

"I know, but he was too cute to pass up" Chris hummed as he gently ran his fingers along the cats back. "I found him here, roaming around"

"Were you trying to catch Chris' attention huh?" She cooed as she took him from his hands, gently nuzzling her nose to him. "Yeah?" He softly mewled as he nuzzled into her arms, appearing very content with this situation.

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