When the surprise party went wrong.

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So it all started on October 4 , when I was trying to plan a suprise party for my bestfriend , Stevie , when everything went wrong. 

First, Alex (another friend of ours) and I, were sending out invites on Facebook, then accidently it got sent to the birthday girl. "It was by accident!" Alex. shouted for forgivness. "I know but know everything is going to be ruined and it is no longer going to be a suprise." I told her. "Now I have to hack into her Facebook account and delete it." "Only one problem. Stevie changed her password!" She said sorrowly. "Aww man!" "Lets just hope she doesn't go on Facebook till her party, October 6." I said, trying to solve the problem.

Then, we went to the store and bought everything.  Except.... THE CAKE! We didn't relize until we got home. And we couldn't go and get another cake because Publix was closed and was not going to open till 2 in the afternoon and the party is going to start at 3, but when I get home from school I have to hurry and fix the party. So I have no time. "Only one more day till this party, and so far everything is going bad" I said in a sad tone. 

After ,October 6 came, and the party is going to start at 3. I had to hurry. The Ice Sculpture came. It was so beautiful! Alex and I couldn't stop staring at it. As Alex started cleaning up.... BAM! she accidently dropped the Ice Sculpture. "Oh no" everyone said in unity.  I knew Stvie really wanted the Ice Sculpter because she kept talking about it and kept telling all of her other friends that she was going to have one. We were just going to have to have the party without it.

Finally, at 3 '0 clock, Stevie came. Everyone one of her friends was there. It wasn't so bad after all. "Even though we have no cake, no Ice sculpture ,and you sent me an invite to my own suprise party, this is one of the best parties I have ever had! Just beacuse of you guys" The birthday girl said happly. I was so happy for my bestfriend and this adeventure we went on for the suprise party :)

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