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This weekend I was free of having to watch over Eloise, but now that I had the time, I couldn't figure out what to do with it.

It was Friday afternoon and when Mr. Styles returns around seven like normal, I was 'clocking out' until Sunday evening, despite the fact that I would still be living here. I did get in contact with Melody, who insisted that we go see Niall perform at the cafe. I was adamant about it because I didn't want to give him the wrong impression about the direction that I wanted to go in with our newfound friendship, but she insisted that it wouldn't hurt to just show up and hang out. According to her, the cafe serves alcohol after hours for the performances, and I was swayed heavily by how good a drink sounded after this week alone.

Eloise was growing every day, mentally and physically, and that made each day a new challenge for me. I was learning more about her, about how children develop, and how to satisfy her old needs and her new ones. The teething process was difficult and also quite annoying to experience, but I just tried to remind myself that it probably wasn't exactly an ideal situation for her either. I didn't know if she was in any pain during the teething process, but I tried my best to push all of my frustrations away so that I could be more attentive to what was going on with her. So, to summarize, this week was hell and I was ready to relax.

Oddly enough, the moment that I stepped foot in the cafe with Melody after disclosing my whereabouts to Mr. Styles just in case, I already felt myself missing Eloise.

Melody and I each grabbed a tall glass of beer before finding a table near the front stage, where I then saw Niall tuning his guitar behind a curtain. When he saw me I waved, and to my dismay he jumped off the stage and hurried over to me with a gleam of hope in his bright blue eyes that left a pool of guilt in my belly. "You made it!" He shouted over the music playing over the speakers in between live performances, and then he looked over at Melody, who was obviously ogling him, "I don't believe that we've met. I'm Niall."

They shook hands, "I'm Melody." She smiled, "So you play the guitar huh?" I rolled my eyes because I knew what she was getting at, but I didn't say a word as I sipped on my beer. "That's exciting."

Niall laughed, "Yeah, been playing for a while now." He answered as he ran a hand through his hair, "So you finally got a night off, huh?" I knew this question was directed towards me, so I just nodded my head. "Are you doing anything after this?"

I bit my lip and looked over at Melody quickly while I answered, "I'll probably head to bed after this, actually." I was already beginning to feel tired, and my absence from the Styles home weirdly weighing down on my heart. I wanted to enjoy my time apart from work, but I was starting to think that I was merging my work with personal enjoyment because I adored Eloise so much.

He nodded, "Oh, right." The let down was very apparent in his tone, and I felt even more guilty than before as he excused himself, "Well I should keep practicing before the show. I'll catch you before you head home?"

I didn't know what else to do but nod, "Sure."

When Niall left us, Melody kicked my leg under the table, and I winced, "What the-"

She cut me off with a look of disbelief, "What the hell was that about?" She asked me.

I shrugged, "I'm not interested in him like that."

Melody gave me a funny look, "Like what?"

"As a boyfriend."

She then scoffed, "Well you don't have to date him Olsen, I mean it wouldn't hurt to have a little fun." When she winked, I knew exactly what she was getting at, and I frowned at her. "It's not a crime to have a casual relationship with someone, especially a hot guy like Niall."

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