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InfoName: Flynn BorrisAge: 8-10Species- WereWolfOrigin home- NorwayBackstory- Flynn was born in a illegal laboratory in Norway

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Name: Flynn Borris
Age: 8-10
Species- WereWolf
Origin home- Norway
Backstory- Flynn was born in a illegal laboratory in Norway. Wolf genes was planted in his mother's womb and he grew up with ears and tail. His mother (Sylvia) got sick very quickly, and supposedly dying when she gave birth. They threw her body in the quarantine while they focused on the baby twins. They loved the fact it was twins. They did most of the testing on the baby girl, who was the oldest and strongest of the two. Needless to say, she died after a few years. They now focused on the boy, they injected a needle in his right arm. The liquid that was in the needle quickly spread through out his whole arm in just a few weeks, which was all the time he needed to escape.

He escaped through a vent while the scientists were disposing of the 4 year old girls body. He found his way into the forest, where he found a cave to sleep in for the night.

Soon enough the arm got so infected that he had to cut it off. And that is precisely what he did. Hurt like hell though. He lived with only one arm for a few years, but he came across some old metal at the side of a lake, which he used to make a auto-mail arm.

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