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"Well done Weasley." Cried Professor Flitwick as a click echoed around the classroom. Yep, all the teachers referred to Anne and Annie as one. They were like one person, the way they acted and everything. So, seeing the teachers couldn't tell them apart, they were one child. They even shared workbooks and would take turns in writing notes! The teacher has also told them that their exam will be held together seeing no one would know which one got which mark.

"Alohamora." I cried and the small lock on my desk clicked open.

"Miss Potter, well done."

Next to me, Brody was having a little trouble.

"Alohemora." He'd cry.

"No, no. Flick your wand less, and say Alohamora. With an a." I told him.

"Alohamora." He said, with a little less flick in his wand.

Click. The lock opened and he smiled.

"Thanks Lily, I couldn't have done it without you." He hugged me.

"Mr Jackson, your first spell, congratulations."

"Thanks sir!" He replied.

The rest of the lesson continued with each of us eventually succeeding in opening the lock. Most of us had by the end of the lesson. Only one Ravenclaw wasn't happy with her result.

"I only opened the lock thirty two times! I wanted to get to forty." Athena complained.

"Athena, that's better than most of us." Another Ravenclaw stated.

"Yes, but only most."

I sighed, Athena had been in a foul mood all day, and it was only getting worse. When would the endless nagging stop?


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