Chapter 3

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An arm continuously tapping me coupled with my headache woke me up.

" I'll wake up in thirty minutes..." I grumbled.

"I'm not your mom okay?...." A voice that I quite recognize said.
"now get up and meet me or anyone else downstairs" she said and left.

I rubbed my eyes and groaned, I sat up and looked outside and groaned again when I couldn't see anything clearly because of the rays of the sun.

I looked around the room, I was in a different room...where am I.... haa!

I was shocked for a minute, not until the memories came flooding back. I sighed and stood up, I walked towards  two doors and opened the first door, it led to a luxurious bathroom.

Is this bathroom mine or someone else's?

I chuckled like a fool and undressed without even thinking of the consequences of having my bath in an unfamiliar bathroom.

I turned on the shower enjoying the cold bliss on my skin. I applied shampoo on my hair and didn't care about the conditioner. After my bath, I went back to the room and opened the other door, it was an empty closet. I sighed.

What am I supposed to wear now?

As I was still pondering,on what to do, someone knocked on my door.

"Come in" I said and the door opened

A lady of average height wearing a knee length white and black dress came in.

"I'm sorry for the delay ma'am".

She said and I nodded.

She dropped a pile of nearly folded clothes on my bed and left.

I put on the rather revealing red dress and went out to the hallway.

All the doors looked alike and I was so confused. I just continued walking till I bumped into someone.

"Sorry"  we both apologized.

I turned to continued walking till I got
to the dead end.

"You lost?"

A starting voice said from behind me. It was the lady that I bumped into earlier.

I nodded.

"Come with me" she said holding my hand.

We walked for sometime and went down a flight of  stairs.

She took me to the place I suppose is the kitchen and three heads turned to look at me.

"Stop staring guys, this is Brittany, master Cole's new pet" she said.

"Hi guys" I said.

"Brittany meet Sonia...."  She said pointing at the mean girl from earlier.

The real me would have done something rude as a pay back for her mean behavior but I decided to play nice.

"We've met right?" I said with a sweet smile.

"Yeah" she said a little bit nicer this time.

Take note of the word   'a little bit.

"Also meet Kyle" she said pointing at a guy with hazel eyes.

"Hi" I said.

"Hi, nice to...."

He started talking but the lady cut him off.

"And that's Andrew" she said pointing at a guy that was busy doing what I didn't know.

I couldn't see his face because he had his back turned to me but I could see his brown messy hair.

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