July 2019: Day 7

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So who's up for a bit of a writing challenge, eh? We say challenge, because it's just that. We're not going to judge anything you submit for the prompt given below - we simply want you to have fun and write something awesome! We do encourage you to share whatever this prompt inspires to write though, by way of the comments' section below! And you should definitely feel free to submit for consideration for our reading lists, and you can do that right here!

And here's the prompt...

It's very much the sporting season at the moment (of course, it pretty much always is)! The Women's World Cup is all wrapped up, Wimbledon is all over bar the shouting, we're in the midst of another season of near-total Mercedes dominance in Formula One, and the football season is less than a month away (Come on you [insert your team's colours here]) - not to mention a plethora of other things going on in the sporting world!

There's always room for a brand new sport though, right?

In 1000 words or less, tell us the story of a spectator witnessing the inaugural event of a brand new sport. You can write your story in absolutely any genre you like - make it as romantic, as speculative, or as mysterious as you see fit!

This prompt will never close, so feel free to write for it and submit your efforts for our reading list consideration whenever you come across this page!

Don't forget to share the direct link to your story in the comments' section below, and let your fellow Wattpadders appreciate your efforts! We certainly can't wait to read your excellent tales!

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