You and Austin start kissing.. You don't know what you want to do... so you just go along with it and than push him away and go to the bathroom and start crying , you just wanna go home, so you grab your phone and text Becca

You" hey, Im gonna go for a walk, do tell anyone .. please"

Becca" Sure alrighty"

You" thank you ." You walk out the bathroom and walk down stairs and than Tyler comes up to you and says.

Tyler"where are you going? Are you okay?"

You" Im going for a walk , wanna come?, Not really"

Tyler" sure I'll come(: and we can talk if you want to"

You" Alrighty " You and Tyler head out the front door and start walking down the street and than you stop at the conor , and sit down on the benech, You start crying .

Tyler" what's wrong?"

You" I love Austin a lot more than a lot, and I dont know anymore..."

Tyler" Im sorry, I know you love him , But whats wrong"

You" my mom and dad havent been together in days , I don't know what's happening"

Tyler" Don't think the worse , just ask your mom" You and Tyler get up and start walking back to the house and than you stumble over a rock and fall , You start holding your ankel. Tyler goes down to the ground and picks you up and runs all the way back to the house and You reach the house and You are in so much pain, Tyler puts you on his back and opens the door and says

Tyler" Mama Mahone! We need your help" Mama mahone walks and sees you in pain.  She walks to you and sits next to you and says.

Mama Mahone" what happened?"

You" I tripped over a rock and hurt my ankel"

Mama Mahone" We are gonna rap your ankel and You will be okay" Austin comes down stairs and says

Austin" What happened babe?"

You" I went for a walk with Tyler and I tripped over a rock"

Austin" Are you okay, Im sorry that happened to you"

You" I'll be okay, It's okay" Mama Mahone came and rapped your ankel and you walked upstairs and went to Austin room and fell asleep on his bed, Austin came in and layed next to you. You smile and turn around and wake up and you see Austin sleeping and you move his arm off of you and grab your shoes and go out of his room and tip toe down the stairs and walk out the front door and sit on the steps in front of the house, Your phone goes off ! and it's Austin , You look up and see a light go on upstairs... You answer your phone

Austin" Where are you ?"

You" Outside in front of the door sitting on the steps"

Austin"Alrighty, Im coming down.We should talk"

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