"And Rita I want you to find dirt on Dumbledore's family slowly but every minute detail." Selene gave her Task.

"Of course, Heiress Potter," Rita said and went away.

After that everyone relaxed in their seats leaving Pure-blood decorum and Irma snapped her fingers for the elf to ask for refreshments and within a few minutes they were sitting and chatting with cocktails in their hands as refreshment and started talking on different topics while Selene went to her room to complete her homework while Dora went to Ministry as she got a call from her head.

Sirius, Remus and Orion along with Griphook landed 20 feet away from Riddle Shack in a secluded corner and they heard another pop sound indicating the arrival of Severus.

"Severus, is everything alright at Hogwarts?" Remus asked.

"Yes, Remy, that old goat didn't suspect anything as I said that I'm going to Potions conference at France for three hours," Sec replied.

"That is good Sev and now we need to be careful from here," Sirius replied and everyone nodded their heads in approval and started moving towards Riddle shack stealthily.

When they neared the wards their magic spiked indicating the dangers of wards and immediately Griphook started working on them along with Orion as he is expert at Wards, while Sev, Rem and Siri were standing as their base and after working for one hour the wards got dismantled and they entered inside and started searching around the house but they couldn't find anything properly because it was filled with dust, grime, spider webs and many more which frustrated them to no end.

"My Lords, I suggest that we use human revelio spell because even though it's just a soul piece its still living thing which will be revealed," Griphook said.

"I think it's better as Griphook suggested Father," Siri said and everyone nodded their head in approval and Sev spelt the spell and they immediately felt the presence of another soul in the room above them.

When went inside they found several wards around the box and compulsion charm on it to touch and wear on themselves and it was only Occlumency shields that protected from compelling to charm and after working continuously for 2 hours wards got dismantled and those wards drained much energy from everyone but they were happy with the outcome.

When they opened the box they found a beautiful male ring sitting on a velvet cushion but they Severus and Remus can feel the essence of Marvolo as they already felt his essence as well present in the chamber.

Sirius levitated the ring into a Silk bag and handed it to Griphook to place it in the vault along with others. After that, they all separated back to manor only to meet with ladies as Selene was in her room still completing her homework while Dora still not get returned from Ministry.

Lucius, Charles and Arcturus along Ted and Draco landed in front of the gates of Greengrass manor and was met with an elegant and classic looking Manor with large metal gated and were received by an elf at the gates.

"What if I am doing for Lord Black, Lord Potter, Lord Malfoy, Heir Malfoy and Mr Tonks?" The elf asked.

"We would like to meet Lord Greengrass and says it's essential," Lucius replied

"Please follow Tippy, Tippy is showing Lord Greengrass," Tippy said and they followed her to meet Lord Greengrass in the living room who looked surprised to see them.

"Welcome to Greengrass Manor Lord Malfoy, Lord Black, Lord Potter and Mr Tonks," Hadrian said.

"Thank you for accepting our uninvited arrival Lord Greengrass," Arcturus spoke on behalf of all of them.

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