Chapter-25 (e)

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Chapter-25: Riddle Shack- Horcrux, Greengrass Manor

When everyone recovered from the shock for being pranked by Selene, Draco and Dora, Sirius and Remus cracked up laughing hard while all others were glaring at them for laughing. After that everyone retaliated at those three and everyone was having different costumes on them by lunchtime and it was the best time in their lives. After that everyone got fresh and came down for lunch.

"Papa, are you going to Riddle shack today?" Selene asked him.

"Yes Princess, while you along with your Aunts, Grandmother and Dora will meet Rita today for an article she is going to publish, I along with Lucius, Severus and dad(Orion) are going to Riddle shack along with Griphook, Severus will meet us there directly," Sirius replied.

"Okay, Papa then can Draco come with us?" Selene asked.

"No Pup, he along with Remus, father (Charles), Grandfather and Ted are going to Greengrass Manor to have a chat with Lord Greengrass about Undersecretary position," Sirius said.

"Papa, I think Uncle Moony should come with you while Uncle Lucius should go to Greengrass Manor, it's just my suggestion, " Selene said.

"It is a great idea Cub and while we all go as we decided, I want you to complete your homework for the week after the meeting with Rita completes," Remus said and Selene said okay.

After that everyone went out to places they planned with the designated group and after 20 mins floo flared to life and in came Skeeter.

"Greetings, My Ladies and Heiresses." Rita greeted Irma, Cassieopia, Andromeda, Narcissa, Dora and Selene.

"Greetings Rita so did you bring the article on the Wizengamont happenings from yesterday?" Narcissus asked.

"Yes Lady Malfoy I brought the draft of the article but as tomorrow is Monday we can do exclusive of two articles, " Rita suggested.

"What do you say, Grandmother, Aunt Cassie and Andy?" Narcissa asked.

"It is not a bad idea Cissa, but what can we print?" Irma asked.

"Grandma, I think this Monday we will have three articles if we chose another one now," Selene said and everyone looked at her for answers.

"What do you mean Rose?" Cassieopia asked.

"Aunt Cassie, one particle will be on Wizengamot session, another will be on Undersecretary position, so if we chose the third one then it should be on History factor or about one of the laws," Selene said and everyone looked thoughtful.

"I think Selene is right and I think I know which one we should print," Andy said and everyone looked at her to continue.

"I think the History factor will be about the analogy if Pure-blood, Half-blood and Mudblood because this is only explained to pure-blood children which are wrong because Muggle-borns are taking Mudblood as offence and if we explain what it means maybe they will start looking into things," Andy said.

"You are right Aunt Andy, most Muggle-borns are ignorant of our world workings and we can change them but we do have people like Granger who thinks they are superiors than us and it will get two or three pegs down as a lesson," Selene said and everyone nodded their heads in approval as they listened to Draco rant on and on about Granger.

"Rita, I want you to print these two articles and the third one will be sent to you soon but its draft will be made by one of us, " Selene said.

"Of course Heiress Potter, now I will take my leave and I will send the draft of History by evening," Rita announced.

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