Head-cannons Pt. 1

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I totally don't feel unstable which is why I'm writing late at night so I don't have to deal with nightmares and the feelings of impending doom-

Time for HCs! :D

-He definitely has something he fidgets with in his pockets 24/7. Whether it be buttons or a lever, he needs to fidget with it.
-Okay, let it be clear I'm okay doing romance stuff with him and Grian, don't ship it that much but idk. (Read stuff to make sure- felt uncomfortable but it was cute I guess lol.) It's popular so I can do it if it's what ya'll want- or for the lolz.
-He can be a very nonchalant hermit, but can be very easily disturbed. Like- creeped out. He is scared-boyo lmao.
-Knows 2 of Grian's secrets. (Bird wings and Poultry Man.)

-He is part bird, mixed breed. He has bird wings, not the beetle elytras everyone else has. He did nametag them as "Elytras" so no one would question it. But, he has a hard time removing the wings. They be
s t u c k e t h .
-Mumbo helps with this, seeing as he's the only one who knows Grian's secret.
-He is Poultry Man- I mean- he isn't Poultry Man. (Wink wink, nudge nudge XD)
-He likes seeds, specifically sunflower ones.
-He can be emotionally damaged easily. Er- he can... be a bit of a... well- o K a Y - He basically over reacts is what I'm trying to say.
-He's proud of his birbo-self.

-He can give off a wifi-signal.
-He is oblivious to anything relating to human emotions.
-Thinks he doesn't fit in because of the fact that he is basically barely human. Oof 100.
-He can't use elytras well, they just don't like him :/
-He is the smartest boi. He basically spits out random facts at an interval of 3 per 2 hours, even if he's asleep or afk. No repeats.
-He likes songs from old musicals like The Phantom of the Opera.
-Swimming is a big no-no. He doesn't like it and he feels like he's about to drown every second of being in water that is higher than his waist. (Same dude.)
-He loves to make random potions and test them out on unsuspecting victims.
Okay- I'm done for Pt.1. How was it? Wait- I don't have a name for you guys! What should it be? I'm thinking "lovelies." That's enough of that-
Anyway, farewell my lovelies!

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