Forgotten Toddler!Liam

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(A/N: Since my birthday is today I will give you guys treat from me.)

Liam (headspace 6 years old)

Niall- Daddy

Zayn- Dada

Louis- Papa

Harry- Baba

Ever since that One Direction made the new film for the fan also the new 'Steal My Girl' video that the made with (n) and now the boys has been ever since.

Liam went to headspace 6 years old, he liked being one and pulse he liked his daddies to cuddle with him and baby him also.

But that have to change, the boys have a busy and stressed week so Liam wanted to play with daddies for the day.

"Daddy, can we play cars," Liam asked sweetly. As Niall was playing attention to tv instead of Liam

"Bug off," Niall shooted Liam away. Liam pouted and left to find his Dada.

Liam walked to His Dada's office seeing him signing paper, Liam smiled walking toward to Zayn.

"Dada, can you play with me," he asked. Zayn dropped his paper and sighed.

"No, now go play with your Papa and Baba," Zayn said without pulling away from the paperwork.

Liam looked sad and decided to leave to do what's he was told.

Liam walked by his Baba's hearing moaning inside the locked door so that means he don't want to go in.

Liam was lonely so he was quiet crying silent thinking no one love him.

Zayn Pov

Wow, I am finishing paperwork, now I can hang out with my boyfriends. I walked to the living seeing Niall watching football.

"Hey, Babe," I said kissing him on the lips. He waved me off as chuckled getting up fixing dinner.

After dinner was done, I can see Harry and Louis did something because I can see lovebites on Louis's neck.

I winked at the both as they both blushed as a tomatoes. We have a peacefully dinner as I wasn't remember dinner wasn't quiet at all, I remember a little voice laughing, funny, and giggles but I never heard that.

Even the boys notice the tense around the room then I remember we forgotten about Liam. I got up as the boys noticed to, I told that we need to find Liam around house because he was missing.

Louis checked in the bedrooms

Harry checked in the basement

Niall checked in the special rooms (music, movie, art, and etc.)

And I checked in the living room and the kitchen again, until I remember what place Liam will go when he's upset. I walked outside seeing the treehouse the the boys and I builded for Liam on his birthday.

I climb up there and knocked seeing my little Liam crying silently as his back facing me. I came in as I hugged him behind, he turned around to face me as cuddle up to me.

"Baby, we are sorry that we forgotten about you, we were so catch up that we have a break about all the stress I guess we got to caught up about it," I said to him.

He looked up to me again and hugged me.

"Hey, let's go back down to see your others daddies worry about you," I said as I smiled at him and he nodded. I picked him up taking us both down walking inside the house seeing all my sweet boyfriends crying and panting.

"Hey, look I found." They looked up I and see Liam is in my arms. They ran taking Liam out my arms tackle him with kisses and hugs. Liam giggle at his daddies with the kisses and hugs that he getting out off it.

Before I know it that I loved Liam and my four lovely boyfriend made into a one big family and nothing I mean nothing to change that...

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