Chapter-24 (e)

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Chapter-24: Vengence, Time with Family, Prank 1

Once the trial finished by punishing Lockhart imprisoning him 30 years to prison, Wizengamont was satisfied but not Blacks, Potter,  Malfoys and Lupin-Snapes because for them their Daughter/ Granddaughter/ Neice was important so Sirius Black Lord of Black and Potter did something which was unheard from century.

"I, Lord Sirius Orion Black III as Lord of Most Ancient and Noble house of Black do hereby call the act of justice according to law 58 that the punishment of criminal falls in the hands of the victim or victim's family." Sirius declared and there was silence because of this act of him stunned everyone present there including his family.

"Lord Black, when you have provoked old law then the law starts to enact so please do what you want to do." Madam Bones declared calmly but was interrupted by Albus who was seething inside.

"Sirius, my boy is this necessary I mean our Lords and Ladies know how to punish so I don't think there is need to provoke this law." He said and if looks could kill he would have been dead already because the heated looks he was receiving from Selene's family are enough.

"Chief Warlock do remember that in here I'm not your student nor your accquataince so refrain yourself from calling me from the name and use my formal title if not you need to revise the rules and regulations for you to be a Chief Warlock and my daughter is the victim who suffered in the hands of Lockhart so as her father I'm punishing him," Sirius said firmly and anyone can see the fire in his eyes.

"I, Lord Sirius Orion Black III as Lord of Most Ancient and Noble house of Black do hereby call Mother Magic to listen to my plea because this person called Gilderoy Lockhart tried to assault my daughter and one of your children Selene Rosalie Potter-Black, so I here By request you to take away his life and magic as his punishment and never grant anyone else from his family your gift called magic, So I say, So Mote it Be," Sirius said once again shocking everyone into silence because till now no one asked or pleaded to mother magic something like this but they need to consent with this because once provoked it cannot be ignored.

"So Mote it be." Everyone chorused and next minute there was a scream of terror from Lockhart because the curse and plea took its place on him and his family.

That minute everyone understood that if they messed with Blacks, Potters, Malfoys and in shadows Lupin-Snape families then along with them their families will also suffer but one person who calls himself next Merlin didn't understand the message clearly which will destroy him in future completely.


After that Sirius along with his family took Selene to Potter chateau in Italy for the weekend to get her well from shock as well as to spend time with family which was needed for them via portkey. Once they landed their Charles called for the elf to bring tea and snacks for everyone and everyone moved to a flower garden which is present at the backside of the manor.

"Sirius really we never thought that you will provoke that law," Arcturus said.

"Well, the grandfather I thought that they will give death sentence but they gave him to prison as punishment so I provoked that law and also I wanted to send the message to the wizarding world if they mess with our families then they will face the consequences," Sirius said and everyone just smiled.

"Thank you, Papa, I never thought that someone will stand up for me like this but today I have a large family who loves me for what I'm and who stands for me in every turn of my life," Selene said hugging her father.

"Pup remember that we all are here for you and once your grandfather Marvolo comes back they will face even more problems for the pain they caused you because he protects what's his very fiercely," Regulus said and Lucius nodded his head in confirmation.

"Papa, when will he return?" She asked them.

"Well, Rose we need to retrieve the Gaunt ring from Riddle shack and then we need to find the last Horcrux that is the Nagini, the pet snake of Marvolo then we can have him back and I think by the time you will enter your fourth year he will be back," Orion replied.

"Okay, Grandfather and Papa what is our next article and agenda for us?" She asked.

"Well Pup, next I'm going to have a talk with Lord Greengrass about him taking undersecretary post permanently and replacing Izar Nott as Head of Welfare of Muggles-Borns department because he has more connections to muggle world than any of inner circle and when your grandfather returns then he can change it if he wants. The next article will be on that and on today's Wizengamont session." Sirius said.

"Okay Papa, now can we go to the beach, please then I want to have ice cream as a treat." She said but everyone was surprised because they thought she will be scared because of what happened.

"Cub are you alright? I mean after what happened to you?" Remus asked with uncertainty.

"Uncle Moony I'm fine and I'm not scared because I have my family with me who will protect me no matter what happens." She replied and everyone felt happy with how she is coping with everything.

After they had lunch and went to the beach and enjoyed till evening but what made Selene sad was her Uncle Regulus and Uncle Severus cannot accompany them because they cannot raise any suspicion in Albus but she felt content and happy to be here with her family.


After that Selene took Draco and Dora who took leave from her Auror training to the far end of the beach to discuss something which made her family suspicious but they ignored it.

"What happened Rose? Do you need anything?" Draco asked with concern.

"Well, Dragon, Dora how about a prank on our family by you and me?" Selene asked mischievously which made Draco and Dora smirk.

"Of course My Lady I will never step back when it comes to this type of things," Draco replied.

"And you need to know this Dora never steps back in causing mischief and mayhem." which made Selene laugh in victory with that those three started to lay different traps at different places for their family members and after two hours the traps were completed. the first one to fall, victims, were Arcturus, Orion and Charles who were entering the library for discussing something.

They were drenched in gold and red colour with bird feathers all over them and next were Cassieopia, Irma, Dromeda and Narcissa who were turned into Disney princesses wearing glitters in their hair.

And last was Lucius, Ted, Sirius and Remus whose hair was turned to neon green, while clothes are turned to green and silver colour and skin turned to yellow which made them look like zombies. These moments were captured by the camera by Kreacher while Selene, Draco and Dora were laughing loudly clutching their stomach hysterically while tears streamed down their face while the people who got pranked were looking shocked and surprised.

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