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Shiv_me too hifi rudy

Ani_these two what i do.
I feel sleepy i meet you guys tomorrow bye good night.

In morning

Anika come and see shivru are sleeping cuddling each other.

Ani_now how i wake up both
Idea 😉😉😉.

Anika goes and make chocolate milk .
Anika show choco milk near shivru nose.

Both wake up

Shivru_😍😍😍 choco choco

After drink choco milk anika drop rudy in his room.

In shivika room

Ani_shiviay go  bath. Which dress you want to wear

Shiv_this dress
shivay show orange shirt and yellow pant

Ani_shivay its not good you wear this

Shiv_no no i want to wear this dress shivay started jump and cry.

Ani_shivay you are good boy na.

Shiv_😭😭😭 yes

Ani_good boy wear this type pf dress

Shiv_oh ok i wear this today but tomorrow i wear that only

Ani_ok go

After bath shivay come

Ani_shivay open your mouth i feed you

Shivay play with his toy plane.

Ani_shivay stop
Anika run behind to make him eat.

Shiv_wifey i forget to brush today

Ani_haaa go and brush.

Shiv_its ok wifey i brush after eat

Ani_yuck go


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