bts: blame(f-a)

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little!taehyung, jungkook

tae's mental age: 4-6
koo's mental age: 2-3

warnings: poor bb taetae, time-outs, spankings, kook is a littke baby too :/, tae cries a LOT, bts feel like shit but all's forgiven


"koo koo! don't do that," taehyung whispered, staring warily at the little, his body a bit too close to one of the group's most treasured awards, even for the hyper little,"koo, please gwo away from the award!"

jungkook giggled, bubbly as he babbled nonsense, his arms waving around as he laughed.

taehyung's eyes widened, stepping forward to pull his friend back, when jungkook backed off, his back hitting the shelf and the award- oh.

the glass award lay on the floor, a loud crash sounding as taehyung whimpered and jungkook fled, scared.

it was in pieces, taehyung staring at it in shock and fear, what would the hyungs think when they saw this?

the glass was scarily near him, nearly cutting through his honey-kissed skin as he felt his face get hot, tears welling up and before he knew it, he was sobbing his eyes out, fists trying to wipe them off.

"taehyung! what happened?"

he looked up to see his eldest hyung, seokjin, glaring down at him in anger and concern, before looking down again and sobbing.

seokjin gritted his teeth, "kim taehyung, i asked a question. it was one rule, do not go near the awards when you're playing, why couldn't you just listen for once?"

the last words slipped out on accident and he looked at taehyung to see his reaction, but as he continued sobbing, he concluded that the little hadn't caught it.

he was wrong.

taehyung's breathing hitched, eyes producing more tears as he cried his heart out,"b-buh' taetae didn't- taetae didn't do it!"

seokjin clicked his tongue and shook his head,"who did it then, tae? no one else is here."

taehyung looked back and indeed, jungkook was gone.

he held back a sob,"b-buh' taetae really didn't! w-was- was koo.." he mumbled, and seokjin sighed.

"it's one of our most precious awards, tae. i can't believe you broke it. you know lying is against the rules, too."

taehyung whimpered, upset that that meant he was going to be punished.

why didn't his hyung believe him?

it hurt and he whined accidentally.

"was that a whine i heard, taehyung? what did i tell you about being a brat?"

taehyung only looked down as seokjin scolded him, his face burning with shame when yoongi and namjoon came to see what the matter was.

"what happened hyu- oh my god, the award!"

namjoon shifted taehyung away from the sharp pieces, before looking down in horror and sadness,"o-our award."

"did you do it, tae?"yoongi asked, to which taehyung shook his head furiously, tears falling again, jin sighed,"he won't admit it."

yoongi huffed, leaving as namjoon stated sullenly at the award.

"fifteen minutes of time out for lying, then ten spanks for breaking it after i told you not to play here, tae."

taehyung whimpered, his little heart aching as he sobbed.

he let seokjin drag him to the "time-out room", a room where all toys and forms of entertainment were taken away, leaving a dusty, dull room.

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