Chapter 34

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How's everyone today/tonight?



"Hello. Welcome to the Voltron Café. What can I get for you today?" Keith questioned with a smile.

A month after graduation. Lance's birthday as well. Keith had gotten a job at his favorite cafe in town. Lance was still looking for a job. Keith started working at the café a few weeks after graduation.

The soulmates wanted to start saving money due to getting to that age where they wanted to move out of there mothers houses and live on their own and do there own things.

Keith finished up with his customer and looked at the time. His shift was over.

He had planned a surprise party for Lance. But since he had to work he had to get Shiro and the others to help set up.

Luckily, the Voltron Café wasn't far from Keith's house. So he quickly ran home.

Running into the house he shouted. "I gotta get changed!"

He ran into his room and quickly pulled on Lance's t-shirt he 'borrowed' and a pair of black skinny jeans.

The only people who were really there were close friends and their families. So, Hunk, Shay, Shiro, the twins, Hailey, and their families. Oh and Violet is there too!

Walking into the living room he asked. "Is everything ready?"

Matt nodded. "Ready to go! All we need is the Birthday boy."

"Perfect." Keith said pulling out his phone. "Kora!"

"Yes Keefy?" Little Kora said appearing at her brothers side.

"Would you like to call Lance?" Keith asked the small girl.

Kora nodded fast. "Yes please!"

Keith dialed the number and gave the phone to Kora.

"Hello?" Lance said.

"Teddy Bear!" Kora giggled. "Come over!"

"Okay. Any reason why?" Lance asked.

"I miss you!! Keef does too!" Kora exclaimed.

"I'll be over soon." Lance told the girl.

"Yay! Bye bye Teddy bear!"

"See you soon Kitkat."

Kora hung up and gave the phone back to Keith.

"He is coming!" Kora announced jumping up and down in excitement.

Everybody got into their hiding places, excluding Keith.

Kora kept giggling from her spot under the table.

"Kora." Hailey laughed. "You have to be quiet or else it won't be a surprise."

"Sowwy." Kora giggled.

After a few minutes a car could be heard from outside. Keith slowly pulled back the curtain.

"He's here." Keith said.

The room went silent as the door opened and shut.

"Keith? Kora?" Lance asked.

The lights got turned on and everyone jumped out and yelled "SURPRISE!" Well except for one.

"Kora?" Keith asked with a brow raised.

"This was a bad hiding spot." Kora giggled. "I'm stuck."

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