A Cup of Coffee-Johnny(2)

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(A/N: i'm really thinking about having some of these chapters in lowercase just because i'm too lazy to actually change it)

staring down at the contact in my phone, i contemplated if i would text her or not. just as i'm about to turn off my phone i hear mark calling my name. "i saw how close you were getting with (y/n)..." he began to poke my arm while we continued to walk.

we had already dropped baekhyun and xiumin off at their houses and that other girl left as well. she still didn't even try talking to me, she was just completely avoiding me. "she's pretty cool to talk to," i thought of (y/n)'s sweet smile smiling up at me, my heart fluttering as the image is in my mind.

"she's usually pretty nervous in front of guys she doesn't know but she was really cool with you," he said. "have you guys met before?"

i try to recall a time where i've seen her before but i can only think of when i met her today. "i don't think so, i've probably seen someone like her around?"

mark smirked. "do you have a small crush on her?" he teased and poked my arm again.

"nah, i just met her today..maybe if we talk a bit more?" i looked down at my phone again to see her contact again. mark looked at my phone as well and i could see the excitement on his face.

"well, what are you waiting for?" he squealed and patted my arm.

"i don't know what to say to her?" i said to him making mark sigh.

"all you have to do is say hi or something, start a conversation," he said and pressed the message icon and showed me the empty conversation page on my phone. i looked back at him with wide eyes but he continued to jester at me expectantly.

taking a deep breath i began to type something before completely erasing it. i try typing another message but i can't help but think over it too much. i felt like she would judge me by saying a simple "hi." it needed to be much more.

i went with "hello" and mark sighed since it was the exact same thing as "hi."

"you're thinking over this too much, (y/n) is really laid-back and chill," he put his hand on my shoulder and watched the thee bubbles pop up, indicating that (y/n) was texting back. "she's probably going to come up with something really cool to write back." he said.

a few seconds pass with (y/n) still texting. her message sends and up comes another "hello" from (y/n). i looked to mark and saw him still staring at her response. "laid-back and chill, huh? well it looks to me that she's no more nervous than i am." i said and smiled a bit.

we talked for a bit and by a bit i mean a few hours. we went on and on about what we both liked and i really took a lot of time just getting to know her. she was an overall cool person to talk to. by then mark had already went back to his room since he is my roommate.

i found out that she can play the piano as well. she told me that's she's been playing for years.
we also talked about what we're going to do that Saturday.

we finally decided on going to eat and catch a movie. it actually took a bit to decide on what to do since we kind of got sidetracked and talked about pointless things nonstop.

i was up until about three texting her. we had finally said our good nights until even later.

it felt like time passed by really quickly when i was texting her. guess she's just that fun to talk to?

the next day, i woke up energized for some odd reason. despite staying up late i still felt like i had some type of buzz going on.

and after debating whether or not to pick up my phone and send a good morning text to (y/n), i figured out she had already did. that just added a butterfly effect to my buzz. i quickly sent one back and smiled as she began to type a response just as quick.

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