Chapter 27-The Hunt

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A familiar feeling drifts around me as I drag my feet harder into the ground. "Let go of me!" I shout.

The werewolf hauling me away lets go when my newly returned magic sends him flying over into the field. One of the other pack members shifts and snarls at me.

Having enough of them all, I make a break for it and round the bend of the house. High and dried dead grass crunches beneath my feet as I race into the canopy of woods to get away from my pursuers. I suppose is it nice to have my magic back at a time like this, but I'm afraid if I summon a flame or light out here one of the pack members will find me easier.

I have to use the darkness to my advantage and find somewhere to hide in this maze of trees. 

"No," I whisper catching sight of the whites of my bones shining through my skin. 

"I see her!" someone yells roughly behind me.

Desperate, I try to use my magic to hide myself or in the least, use it to keep them away. However, it appears I don't have any craft to use to defend myself.

"In infernis arderet."

I snap my fingers again after mumbling my exorcism spell, but nothing happens.

So I hop behind the nearest tree to try and avoid their sight. Something slippery meets my foot though and I go falling to the ground. There must be at least ten werewolves back here with me.

A loud, throaty scream pierces through the air above their trampling footsteps. A sharp whine follows and the wolves quiet down.

I scramble to my feet, catchimg sight of yellow eyes approaching me. The werewolf snarls, patting the ground territorially with its paws. I follow the movement seeing a large pile of thick snakeskin beneath their feet...and mine.

The furry snarling animal jumps at me before I can dodge. The hard bark of a tree meets my back as I slump to the ground, bitten for the second time tonight. Angry, I pick up a rock, but it makes a yipping noise and easily avoids the path of my pathetic throw.

Rage burns inside me, bringing me swaying back to my feet to face the heartless creature. I don't want to use it in this way, but maybe it's the devil telling me I have no choice. But right now, I could care less if it is or isn't.

A breeze picks up by my feet, Nick's dead snakeskin crackles and crunches as it gets lifted up and tossed around the thick bark of the pines surrounding me. My stomach tingles, but not in pain. The werewolf starts to rise off the ground against its will, its whimpers and cries muted by the sound of shrapnel whirring in the woods. A smile forms on my lips as my hair drifts around my face. 

In my peripheral vision, I see two more of the stupid wolves trying to sneak up on me. I lift my left arm while keeping my other arm on the dog whining dog already in mid-air. The two hounds meet their terrified friend in the air by way of my magic.

A large black shape darts out of the shade of the woods to my right. Coming like a freight train, it circles underneath the floating pack members. 

"Iss sie alle," I whisper fiercely having no more pity.

The human in me, however, still shrinks back seeing Nick obey my familiar command.

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