Chapter 15 - Armored for the Quest

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Donavin’s POV

Great just when I believed things were starting to settle down everything comes crashing on top of me. I’m apparently destined to save the world and I haven't asked for any of this. At least things won’t be boring.

Jeramiah offered me a job at Sacred Sun which I gladly accepted after making sure it was okay with Kendra. She was delighted and so was I. Goodbye call center and hello to a job I knew I would enjoy.

All of that would have to wait though. I find myself now responsible for the fate of the world. I already begged Jeramiah to just have us leave to a remote island and avoid the drama entirely. He had a point though. Nowhere would be be safe if we didn’t subdue the evil plans of Abaddon.

Everyone looks to me as some sort of leader. I don’t want to let anyone down but I’m just over twenty one and a city man at that. That kind of experience makes little relevance to the task at hand. Still I feel a pulling to protect my friends, Jeramiah and others that rely on me. I’ve never been one to shy away from an adventure I won’t start now.

I’m an immortal, I have powers I’m just beginning to understand. I can certainly defend myself but I’ve always felt knowledge is the key to success. Only through careful planning can we succeed. Especially if this Abaddon is as fierce and powerful as Leilah describes it’s clear I’m going to need reinforcements.

I looked at the loyal friends sitting in the lounge area of Sacred Sun. It was Sunday so the store was closed with only my friends as company. They sat to the right of me as I paced in thought. Leona, Kendra, Leilah, and of course my sweet Jeramiah. A Fae, Witch, Angel and two Vampires seems hardly enough to take on a Abaddon’s legion and find the Key of Fates. I needed an army and thats exactly what I’m going to get.

I had made my decision. We must gather reinforcements and proceed on this quest for the Keys of Fate. Whatever that was. I guess in time it will be revealed.

“Leona, Lady of the Fae. Send word to all the Fae clans. I wish to meet with them immediately and have them prepare for my arrival. Make certain their fiercest warriors are present” I ordered Leona

“Yes Eminence” Leona replied.

“Refer to me as Donavin whilst among friends. Is that clear?”

“Yes Donavin, my apologies.” she obliged politely.

“Lets post a sign on Sacred Sun’s doors that says closed for renovations. For we may be gone a while.” I said and Jeramiah agreed.

“Lailah we will need armor. It must be strong but light for I sense we will be traveling great distances and battles await us.” I told Leilah

“I can provide the armor this instant. Its a basic conjuring.” Leilah replied.

“Then do it now for all of us.” I ordered.

It’s time to start acting like a leader.

“Everyone please stand in front of me and kneel.” Leilah ordered.

Leona and Kendra came to stand on my right side and then Jeramiah came to my right hand interlocking his right hand with mine. There we all stood in front of Leilah. I then kneeled pulling Jeramiah into a kneel too. Then Leona and Kendra did the same.

Leilah started chanting in an ancient language I surprisingly understood. She was calling upon the elemental angelic guardians from what I gathered. Her sword was alive in a multitude of colored flames. They didn’t emit heat like an ordinary flame. However I could see as well as sense the power being channeled by that sword.

Leilah placed the flat edge of her flaming weapon on Leona’s crown.

From the simple touch of the sword on her crown Leona’s ear’s lengthened and had pointed ends. Her hair changed to a dark blue that past her breasts and was straight as sheets of paper. On her crown a halo ring of green malachite appeared and her some of her hair magically braided it in place. Her clothes then changed. Her blouse transformed into a tight green tunic, tight around her breasts with a deep V shaped color that exposed her cleavage. The tunic and piping of it appeared woven with golden threads.

Tied to the back of Leona’s new tunic had a hooded cloak made of equally stunning green with golden stitches with its center sported a golden symbol of what appeared to be a maple leaf. Her skirt vanished to reveal Leona in tightly woven pants that matched her tunic and cloak.

Her shoes were now boots that went almost to her knees. In front of her appeared a long archers bow made of mahogany tied with golden thread and a quiver filled with arrows that glowed. She looked like an Elvan warrior more than a Fae. Yet I’ve never seen either but for certain this was Leona’s true form.

The same process was repeated to Kendra but her garb and hair was different.

Kendra’s hair was now white as snow. Upon her head was a halo that looked like it was made of clear crystal. It too was braided in place while the rest of her hair laid around her shoulders. From the front of the crystal halo on her crown dangled a large Moonstone pendant in the shape of a full moon with a crescent moon on each sign. I knew the symbol as a representation of the triple goddess of her faith.

Instead of a tunic she was now wearing a long robe of light purple leather with belled sleeves that stopped just short of her feet. It was tight but allowed movement from I imagined. The purple leather was stitched with silver thread. Her hooded leather cloak was long and had a point. The back of her cloak had the same symbol of the triple goddess embroidered in silver thread in its center.

She now wore ankle high leather shoes with a slight heel. In the space in front of Kendra a wand made of white willows that were braided and on its end a violet glimmering amethyst crystal. The wand emitted a strange violet glow along side it lay an Ivory staff with deeply embedded runic symbols and beautiful celtic designs.  From it’s top the staff held a barely transparent smoky quartz sphere.  I noticed a smile form on Kendra.

Leilah then skipped passed me and put the flat end of her sword to Jeramiah’s crown.

Jeramiah’s hair grew long and fell around him in beautiful brown locks. Atop his crown an emerald crystal halo appeared and was held in place by locks of his hair that were braided through it. The braids keeping the green emerald halo position firmly on his head. The rest of his now long hair was tied back with a silver clasp in the the shape of a griffin.

His body was adorned with a tight indigo tunic that would shimmer in blue and purple. The stitching was in silver and his tight pants were made to match. There was a what looked like black leather pouches and pockets tied around his waist.

His pants were tucked into his almost knee high black boots that were plated with ebony colored steel. His light leather hooded cloak had the symbol of a griffin in violet stitching on its back. He wore cuffs on each arm made of black steel.

In the space in front of him a short staff made of heavily knotted oak with its top adorned with a silver griffin with its wings cradling a purple crystal sphere that appeared to have violet flames within.

Then at last Leilah rested her sword on my crown. I would of thought she could of at least started with me. I am her best friend after all. Oh well usually the best is saved for last. Or so I hope. My thoughts broke as I felt power surge from the sword on my crown.

The jet black hair from my head I felt grow falling around me what seemed almost a foot in length. In front of me appeared three rings. One of clear crystal, one of gold and the last of platinum. I watched as they braided into each other forming one ring. It floated to the top of my head and I could feel the upper layers of my hair braid them in place.

A pendant rested on my forehead but I could not make it’s shape only feel its weight. The rest of my hair was pinned back by I assume the griffin pin that floated in the space in front moments before.

I looked down to see I wore a tight tunic made entirely of gold and silver metal thread. It had plating of platinum lined with gold around my chest and heart. My pants were of equal materials but tucked into boots plated in platinum and gold with each plate the symbol of a small gold flame.

I wore a cloak that was light as a feather but I could see it’s edges as it draped around me matched my garb. On my waist a belt that was lined with leather pouches. I had silver and gold threaded cuffs that went from my wrists to almost my elbows on each forearm.

On the floor in front of me was an staff made of platinum, gold and clear crystal that was braided and long. On top of it was a griffin with its wings holding a citrine sphere.

I felt powerful. The armor was strong but so light I almost felt naked.

“You may all now rise. You have the armor and weapons that are needed for your quest.” Leilah Said authoritatively.

“Thank you Leilah.” I said. Everyone also expressed their gratitude.

I walked away from the others and looked in the floor length mirror. I barely recognized myself. I looked like a Divine warrior. On my chest was the symbol of a phoenix and on my back was the same symbol. The pendant on my forehead was a matched the Phoenix Tear around Leilah’s neck but it looked almost alive. My confidence was building.

I then turned back to look at my loyal friends who were still admiring their new looks. Then it dawned on me. We are going to battle. There is no turning back now. We must leave to meet the Fae, Weres, Witches and any that may aide us on our quest to find the Key of Fates and battle Abaddon and his legions. Together hopefully we will repair the veil and end the reign of darkness that threatens our world.

I looked at everyone standing proud and confident.

“The time has come, Lets begin our quest and head to meet the clans of the Fae.” I declared


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