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22장 : 나는 이기적이었다

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22장 : 나는 이기적이었다

( Chapter 22 : I was selfish )




Chanmi's P.O.V.

Taehyung kept mumbling and moving as I continued placing the cold compresses on his forehead. I had been doing so for the last 2 hours,not even realizing that the sun had already set down.

At least his fever had gone down and he was gaining back his normal skin color.

I also prepared some porridge for him earlier in case he woke up hungry.

For sure he hasn't eaten anything today.

"Chanmi-ah..." I heard Jimin talk and soon felt his warm hands over my shoulders. He leaned down on the same level as me as I looked at him.

"Baby,you've been doing this the whole afternoon,you must be tired." He said and caressed my cheek, "Maybe you should rest a little and eat something too."

I gave him a soft smile as I shook my head.

"It's okay,I'm not that tired and I don't have much of an appetite either."

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