Waves Like Water { 1 }

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As children we were taught to not believe in the unseen. Until we got older and then we were told that nothing we haven't seen exists, or the opposite. That just because you can't see it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Rather that be with a higher power such as God, Zeus, or Buddha. Or in mythical creatures like Mermaids, Fairies, or Vampires. These are all things we've all questioned before and most of us, especially those of us who are adults, know that these fairytales that we were told were just that. Fairytales. And most of us who are adults know that higher powers most definitely exist, or at least we believe we do. We go about our lives happily or contently knowing that this is the way things are. There's absolutely no need to question the things that have yet to be proven are right or wrong.

That's how Onika was. She didn't question the things that didn't need to be questioned. She has enough going on in her life and although sometimes she'd think to wonder what's beyond the waters that she loved so much, she never actually do it. It wasn't her place and although Onika wasn't one to allow anyone or anything to put her in her "place" she knew not to mess with the unnatural. She was perfectly fine with just swimming in the ocean every chance she got, then going home to rest her body before getting ready for a long day of awful working at the company her parents owned and so desperately wanted her to inherit and run when they were done with it.

Although she hated the company, she loved her parents and appreciated their hard work and all they've done for her. The least she could do was run their company for them. And besides, she was the only one who knew how. So why not?

Removing herself from the ocean she laid out on the sand for a moment of relaxation before finally deciding to get up and head home. She had packed all of her things up and was ready to leave as soon as she'd seen something in the water. It looked like a person, a person who was enjoying the water themselves and was swimming around just as she was.

Onika had always found herself cheering on and talking to other swimmers no matter where they were, how old they were or anything. What she appreciated more was an amazing swimmer. Which was what this person seamed to be. She found herself walking back into the water and towards the person to watch them closer.

"Hey, you're a really good swim-." She was cut off by the person immediately diving deep under water and following them was a ... a tail? She questioned. Onika blinked her eyes a few times before heading back to shore.

Although it confused her, she had decided that what she saw was either a swimmer with a fascination for made up underwater creatures who bought a fin from Amazon or something and decided to take a swim in the ocean. Or simply another swimmer, swimming and nothing other than that. Or even better, she saw nothing and her mind was being an ass. Seeing as though she was stressed and tired for months now and finally catching a break. Hallucinations were common for the stressed right?

It didn't matter. She wasn't about to think about it anymore. She decided to make her way home and hop in the shower before heading to bed. Preparing herself for the next few months of nothing but stress and no water sadly.

She sighed before closing her eyes and drifting off to sleep.

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