"And your ok with that" he said softly.

"I'm fine with it, it just show that she didn't love us so I'd rather her be happy without us then stay and hate us for the rest of her life" I said nonchalantly.

"Well that just proves she doesn't deserve you anyway" Xavier winked flicking his hair dramatically.

"Told you i was too amazing for people" I sighed.

"Go to sleep Thea" Xavier shook his head his smouldering gaze still set on me.

"Ok but make sure not to cross the boundary" I said making an imagery line between him and myself.

"Sure Thea I promise not to move a single inch of my body" he saluted a mischievous glint hidden in his eyes.

Rolling my eyes I turned on my side facing away from him as a sudden sense of fatigue hit me. My eyes grew heavy and it was weird as sleep wasn't always a normal occurrence for me. There were days that I could fall straight to sleep but there were other days that my mind would feel tormented and I wouldn't be able to sleep a wink.
Soon a thick layer of darkness consumed me and I fell into a deep sleep as gentle hands wrapped themselves around my waist and drew me close.

 Soon a thick layer of darkness consumed me and I fell into a deep sleep as gentle hands wrapped themselves around my waist and drew me close

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"Thea darling open up, your fathers requesting for you presence downstairs" a sharp knock on the door brought me out of my sleep. Mina knocked on the door a second time making my eyes widen soon my gaze shot towards the figure next to me.

"Oh shit" i whispered looking down at Xavier's disorientated state. He rubbed his eyes with his hands and a soft yawn escaped his throat. I'd never tell him this ever but it was damn adorable.

"Hide" I whispered pushing him off the bed watching as he fell straight on his ass. His eyes squinted at me to get a better look and once he heard the repeated knocking he understood pushing himself into my closet. "Please don't come out until their gone"

"Um coming" I yelled throwing on a hoodie.
Opening the door I wasn't met by Mina but my father in all his 6 foot state.

"Jesus Thea how long does it take to open a bloody door" he rolled his dark eyes.

"Sorry it's not my fault you made me wake up while I was dead asleep" I said.

"Don't you follow your schedule Thea" Dad said sharply.

"Come on it can't be a shock to you that I don't use that shit" I laughed humourlessly.

"When will you learn that I do this for your benefit not mine" he glared taking a seat on the sofa.

"Ok why are you here" I huffed my teeth grinding together.

"Your brothers coming home soon only for two days though" he sighed in distaste.
"And you know what that means Thea. He better not find out about the wedding or I swear to you it won't be good" he narrowed his eyes.

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