Chapter 13

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Soon darkness fell over the blue sky and I think it was safe to say that both Xavier and i were definitely ready for bed

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Soon darkness fell over the blue sky and I think it was safe to say that both Xavier and i were definitely ready for bed. We'd been watching movies for hours and we wouldn't be able to stay awake any longer.
"I'll sleep on the sofa" Xavier smiled.

"You know I'm not gonna kill you in your sleep right just sleep on the bed it's not that big of a deal" I shrugged even though inside my head it really was a big deal.
There was no denying the connection I had with Xavier and as much as I'd loved to avoid it things just never liked to go my way plus I couldn't let him sleep on something as painful as that.

"You sure" he frowned but I didn't miss the excitement hidden deep inside.
"Won't you feel uncomfortable" he asked.

"Trust me I'll be fine" I smiled "also the sofa might look comfy but let me tell you right now that thing is rock solid"

Nodding in understanding Xavier walked towards the other side of the bed his arms stretching over to take off his shirt.

"Wait what are you doing" I exclaimed closing my eyes straight after I got a tiny glimpse of his perfectly structured abs.
Holy crap could he get any more perfect. I swear to fuck he just ate like 7 slices of pizza yet his stomach looked like Hercules decided to sit down and carve his abs his damn himself. Although I did have my own set of abs that I worked very fucking hard for I felt like shit just thinking about his.
Oh look at that my insecurities are coming out to play peaka fucking boo.

"Sorry I cant sleep with my shirt on" he smirked as I opened my eyes but kept them trained anywhere but his amazing set of fucking abs.
"Why? Do you feel intimidated by my hunkyness" he joked. Yes actually I fucking do feel intimidated. Holy fuckery I need to not look at it just keep your eyes up Thea. It's not that hard.

"That's not even a word" I rolled my eyes.

Soon I realised that I always slept in my underwear and a oversized shirt because it always got to damn hot but how can I do that with Xavier in my bed.
Ignoring my mind pleading to wear exactly that I changed into a pair of appropriate shorts and a silky top. It was an extremely cute set if I do say so myself.

"Thea how comes I never see your mum" Xavier frowned his eyes slowly racking over my frame. His eyes flickered with desire but it was gone in seconds.

"Stop looking at me like that and just get in bed" I laughed covering myself with the blanket.

"What you just look cute" he pinched the apples of my cheeks.

"Shut up" I swatted his hands away.

"How comes I don't see her" he repeated his question.

"She's dead" I stated with a straight face. "Well not technically but in my eyes she died as soon as she walked out on us" I shrugged.

Xavier's eyes held no sympathy but sheer concern. It was weird every time someone found out that I'd never had a mother since the age of six they're lips would tilt into a frown and they'd express how sorry they were but to me that meant nothing. They didn't really mean it and they frankly didn't even care so why waste the energy.

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