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At the break of dawn, the party set off. Rhaenar riding with alongside Drogo, with Jorah and Dany just behind, and the bloodriders flanking around them. They had brought 30 other Dothraki screamers with them, all known for the lengths of their braids that touched the middle of their back. Another horse was set between Doreah, Irri, and Rakharo as they rode behind the small Khalasar, four large cages set upon the horse. She could hear their squawks carried through the wind, the heat making them giddy.

She could see Qarth as they rounded past the large rock, the walls beaming white that almost reflected the harsh beams of sunlight back to any one who approached. Large walls encompassed the tall castle, two big golden doors sat within the middle of them. It was vital that this went right; it would be the first step needed to take over the Seven Kingdoms.

They rode forward, their mouths agape at the silent beauty of the city, Drogo smirking slightly as his eyes flickered to his wife. He knew they'd be scrambling now, seeing a Dothraki horde approaching, even if it wasn't in full numbers their strength would be enough to send their city quaking. Rhaenarn's back straightened as her gaze locked onto Dany, her sister nodding before receiving one back. They needed to be strong, to be as close as they once were before the mess with Mirri Maz Durr had fully hit.

The Dothraki paused. The two golden gates opened, a number of foot soldiers with golden shields and white tunics stepping out. Their number couldn't rival the Dothraki, it was simply for show; no doubt there were thousands within that wall that could easily replace those few. It was those behind them that grew her attention, thirteen of the council that overlooked Qarth. Dany looked to Jorah. "I thought we were welcome."

"If you heard a Dothraki horde was approaching your city, you might do the same Khaleesi." Rhaenar almost scoffed. The Dothraki were nothing to fear unless you upset their Khal, then they were a force to be reckoned with.

Dany looked across the small numbers of Dothraki surrounding them. "Horde?"

"Believe me sister, the Qartheen wouldn't accept us if we allowed the whole horde to travel with us." Rhaenar muttered, keeping her hands on her reigns.

Jorah nodded to Daenerys. "Your sister chose well." Drogo slipped from his horse first, before helping down his wife; the other Dothraki following suit. Rhaenar kept a hand upon his arm, as his other trapped her within his grasp like a warm vice. The marching stopped from the foot soldiers as the Khal and Khaleesi drew nearer.

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