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I let out a even bigger cry as he pulled away, the door opening just as I did.

Brantley ran to me, his arms up as if he wanted to me pick him up.

I went to my knees, letting him hold me as I cried.

"You're okay sissy" he spoke, patting my back gently.

I heard the door open again and I felt around arm wrap around me.

"Come on, lets go to your house and chill out" Luke's voice spoke.

"I wanna come" Brantley spoke quickly.

I heard a moment of hesitation from Luke as he helped me stand before he gave in

"Okay, I'll text your dad and tell him."

We went to my house, Luke, Brantley and I sat on the couch, Luke rubbing my back gently.

"She fucking invited Nick- if we wouldn't have got into a fight he would've came in during the party Luke" I cried, making him pull me into his chest.

"She's such a bitch" I cried out.

"She's been a bitch for the past twenty years Casey" he spoke, kissing my head gently.

"What if people believe her?" I hiccuped, looking to her.

"About what?" He asked quietly.

"About us having sex, what if people think you're the dad" I spoke, a tear falling as I did,

"Let then think whatever the fuck they want to think" he spoke firmly.

"We know the truth- your family knows the truth, and that's all that matters, rumors are just rumors" he finished, wiping my tears gently.

I fell into his hug, closing my eyes into him.

I felt Brantley making his way into the hug, making me out my arm around him.

"You're stealing my cuddles" Luke spoke to him, making him immediately break out into laughter.

"My cuddles" Brantley declared.

We ended up turning on a movie, Brantley almost immediately falling asleep.

Luke brought him to one of the spare rooms, laying him in the bed we had.

Luke came back to me, smiling lightly.

"Can we please fry some Oreos?"

"This is so unhealthy" Luke laughed as I took them out of the grease, putting them on the napkin.

"They didn't turn out the way I wanted" I pouted, lightly touching one- seeing that it was soggy.

"Yeah- I think we should've followed a recipe" he laughed, pulling me into him, resting his hand on my stomach.

"I want food still" I hummed, opening the fridge.

"Carrots?" He questioned, grabbing one for himself

"Nothing healthy" I quickly spoke, hearing him laugh

"Ashton would kill you if he heard you say that"

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