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Calum immediately brought me into his arms, hugging me tightly.

"We were all wrong"

"Every one of you"

The rest of the night was spent celebrating, I was currently in the living room with Luke, who was trying to convince me to stay with Calum until the baby was born.

"It's not that big of a deal-" "it is, what if you fall in the shower or something, you don't have anyone at the house with you to help" He spoke protectively.

"I've never fallen in the shower-" "okay but what if your water breaks or something, you need someone with you" He spoke

"I guess what's why you live right down the street."

He rolled his eyes just as Macey entered, her demeanor different from when I left her.

"Boy?" She questioned.

"Girl" I spoke, seeing her nod.

"Can I be in the room when you deliver?" She asked.

I was shocked at that question.

"I'm having a private delivery room- only Cal, Luke and Ash, Michael is going to watch Brantley with mom and you" I spoke to her, knowing we had all already discussed the plans.

"You don't want your twin sister to be with you?" She laughed.

"It's not that- I don't want to whole world to see my va-" "oh but Luke can, right?" She laughed out.

"Is that seriously a problem?" I laughed.

"I mean- I guess not; but I'm really starting to question all of this" she spat.

"What's to question?" I laughed, seeing Calum walking into the room, my mom following.

It was awkwardly quiet besides for us.

"I mean- is the baby even Nick's or were you fucking Luke, I mean there has to be a reason as to why Nick left you." She spoke.

I was completely shocked.

"I can't have one fucking day?" I spoke to her

"Can I have one good day without you ruining it with some made up bullshit?" I almost yelled to her.

Her face softened, as if she realized what she had done.

"I need a minute" I mumbled, moving past all the people watching to get outside.

I walked off the porch, exhaling, blinking the tears in my eyes away.

I watched a car pull up, an oddly familiar one.

And when I saw him- I almost croaked on spot

"Nick- what the fuck are you doing here?" I spoke.

"Your sister is throwing a party and sent me this address-" "it's a gender reveal party." I spat out.

His eyes widened.

"Casey- you know I wouldn't-" "just leave, please God- just fucking leave" I cried out, letting the tears fall.

"I wouldn't have came, I thought it was just a party" he spoke quietly.

"Just go, Nick"

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