|Arc 1| Chapter Two.

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"Oh thank god! Mom's back!" Says Luke hugging his mother.

"You missed me that much?" She Asks ruffling her son's hair.

"Of course. All Nash was playing while you were gone was Storm Fullbusters music and that guy is hella annoying." Lucy laughs at her son's words. "How do you know he's annoying?" She Asks.

Luke shrugs. "A vibe. Plus, he seems like a fucking jerk."

Lucy raises a brow and hits the top of her sons head causing him to wince. "Language." She warns.

Luke sighs. "Sorry, but she's like totally in love with that guy."

"Am not!" She Says.

"Whatever. You two get ready for dinner, I brought Chinese home." Says Lucy.


"I got all call from the man you gave the money too. He said everything was fine. Thanks a lot, Lucy." Says Zeref.

"No problem, I had an interesting talk on the plane with your brother." She Says.

Zeref laughs. "Oh? My brother? You guys happened to sit by each other?" Asks Zeref. "Yup," Says Lucy popping the p.

"Lemme guess, he was a jackass." Lucy nods turning to look at Zeref.

"Totally. He even offered for me to be in one of his videos."

"That sounds like him." Says Zeref smiling once again.

"Can you stay in overtime?" Asks Zeref noticing it was almost time for her to leave.

"I'll have to call my children to tell them to pick up dinner on the way home from school." Says Lucy pulling out her phone and stepping out of the office.

After calling ten times Nashi finally picked up since Luke was a failure. "Yes?" Asks Nashi.

"I'm working late. There are twenty dollars on my dresser, get something to eat with it. I'll be back before you guys go to sleep." Says Lucy.

"Okay, Be safe. Love you," Says Nashi before ending the call.

Lucy sighs. This would probably be a long day.


When Lucy got off work it was eleven at night, and honestly, walking home was something she was scared of right now. Sure, it was a ten-minute walk, but they didn't exactly live in the best place in town.

Am I being followed? Asks Lucy to herself looking behind her. She rolls her eyes. She was thinking too much.

"I wonder if I should leave the police on speed dial?" Lucy looking down at her phone before it was knocked out of her hands.

I was being followed.

"What do we have here?" Says a man who you could easily tell was drunk.

"Looks like a blonde beauty." Another man. The drunkards both laugh.

One man pulls her into the alleyway while the other pulls down his pants.

"God, we're gonna have fun with you." Says one guy pulling her shirt off, ripping it in the process. The other guy begins to grope at her boobs and Lucy finds herself trying to desperately pull away from him.

"Feisty huh?" Says the man tugging at her skirt but before he could take it off Lucy kicks him in his balls.

"Ah, shit!" Groans the man. "Get her!" He Says And before Lucy could get any further he grabs her. The man who was previously clenched up in pain punches her in the face causing her to fall over.

Is this really the end? Lucy says to herself as one man pulls out a gun and lifts it to her face.

Both laugh. "You scared? You scared now bitch? This was supposed to be a quick fuck but you ruined that. Have a nice day in hell bitch!" Says the man laughing hysterically. Lucy waits for him to pull the trigger but it never happens. A few snacks and punches do happen though.

"You two make me sick." Says a new voice. Lucy opens her eyes to see none other than Natsu Dragneel.

"Can't believe you would throw yourself on women and then try to kill her. Get lost!" Says Natsu as both men scurry off.

Lucy looks down as she stands up.

"T-thank you, for your help." She Says still looking down before a soft item was wrapped around her. She looked up and it just so happened to be his scarf and a jacket. Lucy blushes, now realizing how revealing she looked.

"Ah t-thank you again!" Says Lucy looking up at Natsu for the first time.

"Don't mention it? What was a girl like you doing out here so late?" He Asks.

Lucy plays with her hands. "I...I was working pretty late." She Says. Natsu nods.

"How about I drive you home?" Asks Natsu.

"What? I-i mean no, I've already been a burden and-"

But Natsu pulls Lucy towards his car anyway.

"Buckle up." He says as Lucy puts her seatbelt on and begins telling him the directions towards her home.

"So, How about I take you out somewhere?" Asks Natsu making Lucy blush but she quickly remembers she can't...she won't. He was a player.

"No thanks." Says Lucy before closing the door.

Natsu sighs. "Dammit!" He curses.


"Mom! Your home!" Calls the voice of her daughter. Nashi can hear who footsteps running down the stairs.

Luke was already in the living room, sitting on the couch playing his guitar.

Nashi gasps. "Where have you been young lady?"

Lucy raises a brow. "At work...? What do you mean?"

"What do I mean? Your wearing Natsu Dragneel's signature scarf and jacket."

"Chill Nash, how do you know it's really-"

"There's only one in the whole wide world so it-"

"Yes, he gave it to me." Says Lucy and this time Luke is surprised.

"You've been with him?" He Asks as he notices the bruise on his mother's face.

"Did he hurt you?" He Asks. Luke was a bit overprotective over both his mother and Nashi. It was Dragneel nature. (Even tho he doesn't know he's a Dragneel-)

"What? No! He actually saved me. I was about to die when he saved me and then gave me a ride home." Says Nashi.

"I want the deets now!" Squeals Nashi.

Published: June 27th, 2019
Edited: September 15, 2019

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