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4 weeks later

"Ashton I swear to god if you say it-" "I'm not going to say it!" Ashton yelled back at Calum as Ashton viewed the baby, his or her heartbeat sounding across the room.

"Do you know what it is?" Michael questioned.

"I do" Ashton mumbled, writing something on a sticky note, pushing it into an envelope.

I wanted to know so bad.

Ashton wouldn't even look at me.

"We're doing this tonight?" Ashton asked, looking to Calum.

"Yep" Calum laughed lightly

"I won't see any of you until then- I'm too bad at keeping secrets, so goodbye, the baby is perfectly healthy as normal" he spoke, leaving me with the gel still on my stomach.

"That's probably best" Calum laughed, standing and grabbing napkins, wiping my stomach.

He helped me up and we took another picture, making Calum smile

"You're getting so big Casey" he spoke, looking to his phone screen.

"Believe me, I'm more than aware" I spoke, humming lightly.

We ended up going to Calum's house to prepare for the gender reveal.

I went into my room, seeing Macey digging through one of my bags, which I was packing to move to my house.

"Are you fucking serious?" I laughed out.

"Casey- I'm not taking money-" "then what the fuck are you digging through my bag for?" I shot to her.

She stared to me for a second before looking away.

"Those boys give you everything you fucking ask for, you don't have to steal" I spat out, kicking my bag away from her, immediately going to my drawers, grabbing my last few things from my room, knowing I needed to leave and to start unpacking at my new house right now.

"You can't leave now- they'll know"

"You expect me not to tell them?" I laughed out.

"You're going to tell Calum that I was trying to steal money from you?" She shot to me

No fucking shit

"What do you even need money for?" I shot to her.

She looked to me as if the answer was obvious.

"Drugs?" I questioned, seeing her look down, disappointed.

"And yet you were always moms favorite"

I kicked my bag in front of me, trying my hardest to bend down to grab it, but it was the struggle.

Macey watched me, one eyebrow raised the entire time

I started kicking the bag, all the way down the staircase.

"What are you doing?" Calum laughed as he watched me walk down the stairs

"Im going to go start unpacking at my house" I spoke, seeing his eyebrows move together

"I thought we were taking a break?" He questioned

"That was before a thief was caught in my room"

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