Part 5

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Arnav stood there glancing at the stairs with his clenched fist.

Anjali walked up to him and called out his name slowly.

"Chote??" She whispered.

Arnav wiped his lone tear and turned towards her.

"It's too much for today, i guess we all should rest now!" He said cupping her cheek.


"Buaji aur aunty aap logo ko itni raat ko ghar jaane ki koi jarurat nahi hai aap log aaj Raat yahi ruk jaiye... (Bua ji and aunty, it's too late already I don't think you should go back home. You should say here tonight...)" He said softly.

"Par Arnav Betwa hum yahan, kaise.. (but Arnav how can we, here...)"Buaji stuttered with hesitation.

"Isse aapka hai ghar samajhiye buaji. (Take it as our own home.)" He said with a soft look.

Anjali was looking at him intently. She could see how much he was trying to hold himself.

"Chote tum.. (Chote u...)"

"Enough di! You should go and rest now!" He said and she nodded unwillingly.

Shyam was literally on cloud nine seeing his state.

"Jeeja ji??" Arnav called out and he got startled.

He immediately composed himself and replaced his wicked smile with a sad look.

But who was he kidding to. It was late enough for Arnav to notice it.

Am I missing something here?

Arnav thought looking at him intently.

"Jijaji take her to the room! She need rest..." He said.

"Sure sale Saheb. Let's go Rani Sahiba!" He said nervously.

Anjali nodded unwillingly.

Arnav sighed and turned to leave but felt a grip on his fingers.

He closed his eyes tightly to calm himself and turned.

Thinking it to be his di, he was about to speak but halted when his gaze when downwards.

"Uncle" he whispered with a frown seeing tears in his eyes.

Arnav could see that he wanted to speak something when he tried to pull him closer.

He knelt down before him and took his hand in his.

"Kh...ushi..." Shashi whispered.

"Aapki beti ziddi toh hai, par uski isi zidd ko tode bina main chain se nahi baithoonga!! (Your daughter might be stubborn but I won't stay in peace till I break her stubbornness!!)" Said Arnav confidently.

Shashi smiled in tears and raised his trembling hand.

Arnav saw his attempt and placed his hand on his head.

"Bless me so that I can fix everything alright and bring your mad, obstinate daughter on track!" He said and shashi chuckled in tears.

"Par babua ab tum karoge kya... Uski to shaadi Ho gayi hai!! (But dear what are you going to do now... When she is married!!)" Asked Garima with concern for this young man.

"Aunty, aap sab Ko sirf wahi dikh raha hai Jo wih dikhana chahti hai, woh nahin Jo mujhe dikh raha hai. (Aunty, you are seeing only what she wants you to see not what actually I can see.)" Said Arnav.

"Matlab? (What do you mean?)"

"Iska matlab uncle achi tarah se jaante hai. (Even uncle knows what I actually mean.)" He said looking at Shashi who in turn look at shyam.

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