Since waking the light breeze has picked up into full blown wind. The wind slaps me in the face as it tries to trespass into my home. Tentatively I step out the warm, comfortable house into the cold, cunning night.

      I decided, in my room, that I'm going to find out what made the noise. It has become a regular occurrence and I'm the only one who seems to hear it. The noise has become more prominent and unbearable as the nights go by. I've had enough.

      I stumble down the three steps leading up to the porch encircling the entire house which leads to the front door. My newly booted feet hit the rocky pathway leading to the house from the long, paved driveway.

      Quickly, I scan my surroundings. I decide to walk East, as it seems like the most logical route into the forest bordering the garden.

      I close my eyes and draw in a shaky breath. The cold air fills my lungs. The soothing smell of trees and wood fills my nose. I'm fully awake now, aware of my surroundings.

My eyes flutter open, "I can do this," I say as I start walking East.


The forest is dark. The only light source lighting the pathway is the moon. It is almost full; if you look at it with an untrained eye it appears full. I glance down at my left wrist where my watch looks back at me; 00:58, the numbers flash at me.

      I've been stumbling through the forest the whole night in search of my sliver, chain necklace that I dropped while taking a jog this morning. I've been jogging every morning since high school. I was given this necklace by my father before he went off to fight in the Big War, in 2080, when I was fourteen years old, my younger sister only being two. He never did come back, he was announced K.I.A just two years after joining.

      I remember making him a promise the morning of his death that I'll take care of Mom and Quinn. Not knowing that I would actually have to fulfill the promise. Today it's been exactly three years since he passed away on my birthday, 25 November. I can't bear the thought of losing this necklace, not now, not like this. That is why I've been in the forest all night blindly searching for it.

      As I walk a light breeze trickles over my skin, happy to be wearing a long sleeved shirt when the cold smacks me in the face. I stumble deeper into the forest knowing I didn't jog along this path. I am determined to find it, I have to.

      I raise my left arm until it's in line with my eyes, I stare at my watch seeing that it's almost twenty past one in the morning. I let out a sigh and continue walking. Suddenly I hear this unbelievable, high pitched noise. I slam my palms hard against my ears attempting to block out the noise; and fail. The noise is unbearably loud, it feels as though it's part of me, as though it's coming from within me.

      It dies down, but doesn't stop completely. Tentatively I remove my palms from my ears, returning them to my sides. I hastily turn and start running West, towards the noise.

      As I run the breeze picks up into a strong wind. I now regret not bringing a jacket with me.

It's strange that it's cold, I think to myself while a strong gust of wind attacks me from behind.

      The weather patterns have evolved tremendously over the past sixty five years. I've read that the weather started changing around 2020, owing to the increasing population of pollution.

      In modern times we experience a different season after every two weeks, unlike in the past where their seasons would supposedly last for three months at a time; you can never fully trust everything you read even if it's from a book. We are currently in the middle of our Summer weeks, hence my confusion behind the cold, but when I glance up at the sky my confusion is cleared. I see its little white freckles being obscured by Nimbus clouds.

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