Chapter Forty

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Jax's PoV

We were all in position. We were just waiting for the signal from one of our guys before we put our plan into action.

My skin was itching to shift, to run and find my Annabelle but I knew that if I did that then I would be putting everyone's life in danger.

Finally after a few torturous minutes we got the signal that we could move in. We decided to stay in human form until the last possible second, not only will it save our energy it will also give us the element of surprise we desperately needed. they would be on the look out for a pack of wolves, not humans.

We stalked forward through the forest, on high alert for any form of noise but as we made our way forward and we still heard nothing I started to become suspicious. Surely we would have seen at least one wolf on patrol by now?

'Henry what do you think of the situation? Call me crazy but the lack of wolves is putting me on edge' I mind linked one of my warriors who was next to me.

He looked over at me and we held eye contact for a second but that was enough for me to get my answer. He wasn't liking this either.

Just as I was about to take another step closer to the bunker and to the heart of the pack I felt a splitting pain erupted in my brain, like someone was trying to forcibly rip something from there.

I staggered at the pain as my legs started to give out, what the hell was going on with me.

'Alpha are you okay?' Henry asked as he ran over to me in concern, thoughts of stealth going out the window.

'I don't...' I tried to respond but couldn't. What was going on?

I suddenly had a moment of clarity as I thought about what Annabelle had told me, Matthew was performing the breaking and mating ceremony.

My wolf was on full alert now, the pain being pushed to the back of my mind, as we both jumped into gear. We would not let some little Alpha pup steal what was ours.

I let out a ferocious roar, intending to reach all ears in the territory. Not only did I want to let the others know I was going in for the kill, I wanted Matthew to know too.

I shifted into my wolf in a flash and began running to our destination. I stumbled a little bit, along with everyone else in my pack, when we all heard Annabelle's cry for help though the mate bond.

'I'm coming baby, just hold on for me' I tried to tell her as I broke through the tree line and made it to the bunker. I took a few steps in but froze when I didn't smell her scent. She wasn't here.

'Henry check the bunker out' I ordered as I turned and started to follow her scent.

In the corner of my eye I saw Henry and a few of my other warriors fighting with some guards but sighed when I saw they were quickly handled. They would be fine without me.

I stumbled through another tree line and what I saw made my heart break into a million pieces.

My little Annabelle was stabbed in the hand, forcing her to join with another male whom I'm guessing was Alpha Matthew.

I suddenly felt blinding pain in my head again, although this time it was ten times worse, as I watched my Annabelle collapse onto the floor.

'No!' I screamed in my head, probably making all my pack members wince at the volume in their head, before I let out another growl. The pain was gone, it was replaced with anger.

I ran towards Alpha Matthew at a full sprint, ready for any attack from the crowd watching but was surprised when nothing came. They just watched me run at them with dull eyes, not even bothering to move out of my way.

What had Matthew done to them?

I paused and took in the situation quick. My pack along with our allies were easily taking care of Matthews warriors, as I was hoping for we seriously outnumbered them which made it easy for them to be detained. The only threat left that wasn't dealt with was the witch herself.

She was taking in her surroundings like a snake ready to strike, just waiting for the perfect moment to cause the most pain possible.

As if she felt my eyes on her she suddenly looked in my direction, eyes as black as the night looking deep into my soul. I shuddered as a cold chill surrounded me but shook it off as I made it over to the front porch of a house.

As I got closer I could feel my Annabelle's heat and here hear heart beat which made me relax enough to focus on this witch in front of me. She was alive.

"Hello pup" the witch sneered at me as she bent down and placed her hand on the hilt of the dagger currently resting in my little mates hand.

I growled as she slowly started to remove it, causing Annabelle to groan in pain. Blood dripping out of her stab wound and pooling onto the wooden floor she was lying on, her white dress turning read with every second that passed.

I wish I could speak, asked her why she was doing this but as she wasn't pack and I was currently in wolf form so I couldn't communicate with her.

"Your wondering why aren't you?" She asked, amusement lacing in her tone.

I just carried on staring at her, waiting for the moment where her attention was distracted and I could strike. The battle was still going on around us, cried of pain and sounds of ripping flesh could be heard through out the clearing.

"Well it's fairly simple really, I wanted to destroy your little moon goddess as much as Matthew here did. With her out of the way your species would crumble, leaving us witches with more land and recourses then we would know what to do with. Just like how it was back in the good old days when your filthy little species didn't exist yet".

I registered the shock in the back of my brain as she revealed how old she actually was but refused to acknowledge it, that was her tactic, to distract me enough to make me vulnerable.

I took a step towards her, testing the waters but the witch just laughed at me and took a step in my direction, making the gap between us just a few steps.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you pup, I've been in this world a lot longer than you and I could take you out of it just as easily as I have done with hundreds of others of your kind."

I growled at the threat as I crouched down ready for an attack.

"Oh pup, you have no idea do you" the witch sighed before she got a good grip on the dagger and pounced on me.'

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