|Arc 1|

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Lucy's hands shake as she reads the pregnancy test. She was pregnant. With child. Having a baby. A little kid that would be running around the house in less than a year.

"See, this is what happens when you fool around too much." Says the voice of her grandmother Anna. Nonetheless, Anna sat beside her granddaughter and hugged her.

"It'll be okay? Who's the dad?" She asks.

Lucy blinks. That's a good question. "I-I can only remember pink. He had pink hair." She remembers.

Anna sighs. "We'll get through this, even if you are a bit reckless." She Says, hugging the sobbing girl tighter.

From there it went to everything being about the baby. In the next three months, she was huge; and then she learned she was having twins. She cried her eyes out that night but nonetheless picked herself up. She got a job at Zeref Dragneel's firm. She became a secretary and with all the money she got she put five dollars into her dream of becoming a writer; the rest went to her house and children.

"There beautiful Lucy!" Says Anna with a smile. Lucy smiles holding both twins.

"Their names?" She Asks.

"The girl with the bright pink hair is Nashi, his name sound kinda like that. The boy is Luke. He looks a lot like me." Says Lucy, staring at both her children.

"Lucy, how about you come live with me again and I can help raise them-"

"No," Answers Lucy.

"But-" "This is my responsibility. You've helped enough. Keep your money. Plus, staying away from you will keep dad away too." Says Lucy and from there she stopped seeing Anna help her own self, and her children.

From then, she was a mother. From the first time she saw them...felt them in her stomach she loved them, but seeing them grow was amazing.

Their first steps, first words, first time eating real food, and even their first fight; she loved it all.

When they were five, is when she realized their talent. They both could sing. And she knew they would only get better from there.

Then, all her money was moved to also make sure their talents weren't unnoticed.

On their 10th birthday, she got Luke a guitar and Nashi a piano since they were both interested in learning, and even got them lessons. Lucky for them they learned in a year tops, so she didn't have to pay that long.

Then they both started singing in the choir and pushed their talents even more. Lucy couldn't have been prouder at her babies, and this pushed her love for them even more. It also made her want to become a better person. With that, she started working harder.

And now, they are both 14. And they act pretty grown for their age.

"Luke? What are you doing?" Asks Lucy coming up to her son.

"Trying to get this stupid math stuff." He complains.

"You could've asked if you needed help," Says Nashi, who had just arrived home that afternoon.

"You weren't here. If you were I would've just taken your homework." Says Luke, who also seemed annoyed by his sister.

"Now, tell me why you didn't walk your sister home?" Asks Lucy. "Nashi stayed for track practice and you're supposed to walk her home. Why didn't you?" She scolds.

"Oh, I let it slide because he wanted to walk with Grace today. You should've seen the look on Gale's face!" Says Nashi, laughing. Immediately her son's cheeks light up and Lucy can't help but laugh alongside her daughter.

Grace and Gale were her best friend Levy's children. She's known Levy since high school, and she's been a big help since then.

"I-it's not funny. All I did was walk her home." Says Luke blushing.

"Uh-huh sure." Says Nashi going to help him with his homework.

Nashi was a lot like her. Smart, always a top student. Luke, was smart as well...just...quiet. Both picked up her love of reading and writing.

"Come on, we should eat dinner." Says Lucy ushering both children into the kitchen.


~At Work~

"Ah, Lucy, I have some business for you to do." Says her boss, Zeref. She was thankful he had given her this job with no experience at all.

"What is it?" Asks Lucy, going over to her desk. They could talk informally like this, especially since they've been working together for years. Her job was to basically write out what goes on the news about his firm; kinda like a journalist just paid a bit less.

Money in New York was nothing when rent and food were so high.

"I bought a plane ticket to California where I have some business. This box has 30 million in it. I want you to give it to the person waiting in the Wendy's at the airport. An hour after your board a plane back to here. Simple enough?" Asks Zeref.

"Yeah...But, who would want all this money?" Asks Lucy.

Zeref shrugs. "Just doing business," Lucy Asks no more. Little did she know, this is how everything began for her.

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