🍋Tamaki x F!reader🍋 cowgirl style

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⚠️WARNING⚠️: top reader, teasing, handjob, reverse cowgirl, orgasm prevention

*~Tamakis POV~*
Me and Y/N were cuddling on the sofa together. I was huddled up in her arms and she was rubbing the ends of my pointy ears.

I was a lot more comfortable with Y/N as we had been a couple for almost a year and we had been friends since forever. She still makes me really nervous though.

Once we had gone to the movies together and she started t-touching me while the movie played. Luckily we were in the dark and no one saw us, but it was still so e-embarrassing!

I'd say that's the only time we've ever done anything...well...Uhm...s-sexual...
Not that I don't want to! I-it's just I get so nervous and shy...L-like what if she doesn't like what I look like?...

*~Y/Ns POV~*
I gently fiddled with Tamaki's cute ears as he rested on me; the back of his head against my chest.

"Tamaki your ears are sooooo cute" I giggled looking over him. He blushed and gave a nervous smile.

"T-thank you" He anxiously replied. 'Too cute' I thought. Then I had a fun idea.

While Tamaki watched the Tv, I slid my hand from his left ear to his shirt. He noticed this and looked to my hand.

I crept my hand down his shirt and he turned red-faced "Y-Y/N!!" Tamaki yelped. I giggled sadistically and trailed my other hand down his back.

He let out a soft whimper and I watched in awe as he released a soft moan.

"Awww Tamaki~" I whispered into his ear and he trembled.

I ran my hands over his toned torso and halted over his boxer line. I inched my fingers down his jeans and lightly stroked the space of skin that came before his hardness.

"A-ahh Y-Y/N~" He moaned. "Do you want me to stop Tamaki?" I bit gently on his ear. He cried out in pleasure.

"Ahh~...n-no~ k-k-keep g-going.." He whimpered. I lowered my hand even more to the base of his shaft and began to pump up and down his shaft.

"Oh!~Y/N...Mmm!" He grunted submissively. I shook my hand faster and he gripped the cover on the sofa.

"Ah-Argh..Ah~" Tamaki moved his hips against my hand slowly. I could feel his breath becoming heavy and him nearing his release.

I teasingly slowed down. He panted heavily "W-w-why...(huff)...a-are(huff) you...slowing(huff) d-down" He panted. I removed my hand from his shaft and giggled.

"Y-y-you're t-teasing m-me?" He stuttered in realisation. I held his hands down so he couldn't relieve himself.

"P-please...I-I'm so close I c-can't-" He turned himself over so he was on top and was holding down my wrists.

"Tamaki?" I questioned. He blushed darkly and kissed me. It was first shy and reserved till I slipped my tongue in, then it became passionate.

I pulled him down to me and wrapped my legs around his waist. I slid off his top and my own and his blush increased.

I chuckled at his embarrassment and pulled him closer to me, removing my bottoms and bra. I pushed him down and straddled his legs.

"Y-Y-Y/N!" Tamaki whined. I unzipped his jeans and swiftly pulled down his boxers. I lifted myself over his shaft and slowly lowered myself onto it.

"Ahhh~" I hummed.

"A-arhh~s-so w-warm" He purred shyly. I slowly bounced up and down on his shaft and he released cute whimpered and sometimes loud grunts.

His arms were beside his head and he was clutching the sofa sides. Our moans collided.

I soon released on his large member and made a lewd expression and a loud moan. Tamaki blushed and was put on edge.

I was too tired after my climax to keep bouncing and Tamaki noticed this.

"S-So..c-c-close.."Tamaki whispered before getting on top and changing our position.

He thrusted into me and wrapped my legs around his waist. He moaned submissively although on top and soon his thrusts became sloppy.

He released and his moaning lowered as he removed himself from my wetness and fell to the sofa...

"D-don't t-tease me a-again o-o-ok?" Tamaki requested.

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