Chapter 13

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Author's Note: another long one! Enjoy :)


Wednesday 17th of November

Santana awoke that morning feeling like crap. Her throat was sore, she felt tired even after 10 hours of sleep, she had a pounding headache and felt freezing cold.

"Santana! You need to get ready for school..... Santana?" Maribel said as she entered her daughters bedroom. She looked at her daughter and saw that she wasn't well. "Aww honey."

"I don't feel good" Santana said to her Ma. Her voice was low and raspy from her sore throat.

"I can see. You've got a fever, it's not contagious" Maribel replied. She took her hand and placed it on her daughters forehead. She felt hot to the touch. She then ran her hand down to cup Santana's cheek. "You're going to stay home from school today and get better. Get lots of sleep and drink lots of water. I still have to go to work, I'm sorry I can't stay and take care of you."

"It's fine Ma." Santana said with a small smile, it was all she could conjure up.

Maribel kissed Santana on the forehead before leaving her daughter to get some rest.

Santana pulled out her phone and dropped Brittany a text.

To Britt 'The Sexy' Pierce [07:46]
Can't give you a lift today. I'm sick :(

She didn't even bother waiting for a reply before rolling over and going back to sleep.


Santana awoke again 2 hours later. Her eyes were still closed but something felt strange. Her pillow was moving underneath her head, it felt like it was breathing. She opened one eye to see grey sweatpants and light coming through the window. As she drifted further into consciousness, she felt a hand stroke her head. She realised that she was resting on someone's stomach. She took a deep breath and smelt lavender, meaning the person comforting her was Brittany.

Santana turned her head around on Brittany's stomach to find her resting against the headboard.

"Morning babe" Brittany said as she smiled down at her sick girlfriend.

"Morning" Santana said in a croaky voice. She then pulled a face at the pain at discomfort she felt.

"Aww baby" Brittany said sympathetically with a pout. She hated seeing Santana in any kind of pain, it sucked even more that Brittany couldn't just snap her fingers and make the pain disappear. She leant down and placed a kiss to Santana's forehead.

Santana smiled up at Brittany. Her face then changed in a second, her eyes widened, her eyebrows raised to her hairline and she sat up straight in bed. "Britt, it's a school day! You're late!"

"I'm taking the day off to take care of you and make you better."

"No Brittany, you can't. What about your attendance?"

"It's already 100%, I won't get into trouble for taking one day off."

"Well what about your parents? They will kill me and you."

"They think I'm at school, no one will notice." Brittany stated, she really had thought of everything. "Now stop arguing with me." Brittany leant over to the night stand and passed Santana a glass of water and some pills. "You're mum told me everything that was wrong with you so this will deal with your headache."

Santana took the pills and drank the whole glass of water. She wiped her chin and mouth and relaxed back into her bed. "Fine. I guess you can be my nurse for the day." Santana said reluctantly.

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