Chapter Forty-four

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"Damn! This thing is huge," said Sapper as the Angels, Autobots, and operators entered the cavernous room filled with generators, floodlights, equipment, and a three-story circular gate crackling with energy against the far wall. Through the gate was another large empty room with black walls, glowing lights, and a large passageway led upward.

Kita drifted toward the gate. "Leaf, it's a rift gate."

"What is a rift gate?" said Arcee.

"Interdimensional travel. The universe has eleven dimensions. You know the four—space and time. The fifth dimension sits on top of the first four. That's what I use when I phase. The rest of the dimensions are twisted around each other as they hold the universe together and interact on the subatomic level. These dimensions are flat and touch everything. If you bombard an area with enough subatomic particles, you can create a door through the dimension to another place in the physical dimensions. These doors can cover large distances and be huge. I had Angels that could open them."

"How did you convert this massive amount of equipment to a biological process of a cell and miniaturize it to fit in an Angel?" said Ratchet.

"It didn't happen inside a cell. The process is spread among many different types of organelles. I can't take credit for figuring out how that belongs to the AI Omega."

"You are admitting something is smarter than you?"

Kita chuckled. "Even I had to be educated."

"Can this thing be opened at another location?" said Apocalypse.

"Sure, but we need it to get to Cybertron. We just need to figure out how it works."

"Ratchet?" said Arcee.

"I will study it and see what I can learn."

"Good. Hand me the missile. I will take it to Cybertron."

Ratchet unslung the missile and handed it to Arcee. It was as tall as she was, but she slung it onto her back between her wings without protest. She floated upward, so she didn't drag its tail on the ground.

"Let's go," said Arcee. "The longer we wait, the more time the Decepticons have to react."

"Captain," Apocalypse called.

The leader of the Anti-Decepticon Teams hurried over. "Yes, Your Highness."

"Your teams are to guard this location. If we don't come back or if Decepticons try to come through shut it down."

"Yes, Your Highness."

"Did you hear that, Ratchet?" said Arcee.

"Yes. I hope I can get it open again if I must close it."

"Let's go," said Kita. She glided through the gate into the Decepticon side. The room's square and angular walls were a mixture of dull rock and shiny metal. There was no equipment on this side, just a glowing line in front of the rift gate.

"What is that?" Apocalypse pointed at the line.

"It's a beacon made of decaying subatomic particles that are visible in the other dimensions. It allowed the Earth side to know where to open the gate."

Kita led the others up the passageway onto a walkway that went around the structure. A red sun hung on the horizon of a hazy red sky. They stood on the tallest monolithic structure in a sprawling complex. Decepticons stood in formations or marched from one location to another. A giant mining operation was to the south and east.

"Where are we?" said Kita.

"This is Dexthane, the largest Decepticon base in the north," said Arcee.

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