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One year later.

Minji was running to the middle of the carnival, flowers in her hand. It was her and Eunsang's first year anniversary together as a couple.

She looked up, seeing Eunsang in front of her. She smiled, running to him until she abruptly stopped upon hearing the words coming out of his mouth.

"I'm not in love with you anymore. Don't bother interfering with me, nor trying to even to contact me anymore, Minji. This is the end, okay?" He walked away from the shocked girl, standing with the beautiful bouquet of roses in her hands, ready to break down.

"Out of all times, why did you break up with me on our anniversary?!" She screamed out, not caring about the surrounding people around her that were walking near her. She slowly dropped to the ground and started breaking down from the sudden heart break.

She threw the rose bouquet, and threw all the love and hope she had for him, to the ground so it could never seep up and hurt her ever again.


"I'm sorry," the boy whispered in pain, hearing the fueled heart of the love of his life break down to pieces.

He didn't think this would happen to her.

He didn't want this to happen to her. He didn't want to hurt her.


In the end, he hurt her for his dreams. His dream of becoming an idol made the love of his life turn into a whole new person that he didn't know he'd be able to recognize.
The boy went on, removing all memories of her, including all the tattoos that reminded him of her.
He went through on and off relationships over the few years, trying to find the right one again and to forget about her.
He finally found the person he loved, after 3 years of searching.

Goodbye, Kang Minji.

In the end, she left all of her love behind and went to seek a new life. A new style that she never thought of doing. A new her.

She went on to forget about him in a place that she knew they would not find her for the longest time.
She removed every single memory that she had with him. All the dates to the carnival were imprinted in her mind, but useless now.
She found her true self, and let go of the old Kang Minji.

Goodbye, Lee Eunsang.

- -

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