Middle /highschool advice

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- tutor younger kids in a subject you're good at
- teach people how to speak languages (like transfer students )
- carry medicines , snacks and emergency kit in your bag
- try your best to get good grades
- popularity has legit no point
- don't run away from your problems
- don't tell others your weaknesses they will use it against you
- don't be fake
Respect others students and teachers
Don't change yourself to 'fit in '
Don't try to impress anyone but yourself
Actually do your homework
Don't do many things at once
Don't tell everyone everything about yourself
Don't talk behind people's back
- mind your won business
- don't worry too much about the future
- get involved with sports and extracurriculars
- don't act like your higher than everyone else
- failing your classes doesn't make you cool .
- never yell for your friends in the hallway
- don't think asking questions makes you dumb
- that zit in your check doesn't really matter

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