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Light pee play, not really pee play more like water play kinda. If your not up for that Skip to the next chapter once I have made it I promise you have not missed anything to important but I will give a short update on the next chapter.

Later on once the meal is made I set the table and it seems just in time as my master walks in, I quickly kneel down on the ground next to his chair and as he sits he pats my head rubbing my hair like a dog, he has a cooked breakfast enough for two as alwase a bowl of fruit and two glasses one of juice and one of water with a jug next to it. He eats for a bit and then he starts to feed me slowly small bites from his plate he also gives me sips of the water and it's getting to be much to much for my bladder I'm squirming and he can obviously tell by the smile on his face.
"Stop moving pet" he says as he continues to feed me painfully slowly extending the time it will take for us to finish , I know after this is over I will most likely be left and that means I will be allowed to relive myself.
After a bit I relied he keeps giving me water and all the food is gone he just keeps giving me the water in sips over and over making me take long deep sips from the glass when he gets up and re fills the jug I start to worry. After about 30 minutes of this I'm wineing frantically and the I drip, just a little and I gasp hanging my head "I'm so sorry" master I say moving to get up.
He grabs my face "did I tell you you were allowed to talk or to go to the loo?"
I shake my head
"Respond to me" he says angry
"No sir" I say quietly
"Clean this up go to the loo and meet me in the play room in 10 minutes your going to be punished for this"

Also question - what are the Wattpad vote things and what dose that little medal thing mean same thing with the star what's it mean? please tell me haha I feel like an old woman "youngster how do I work the snapbook"

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