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   "Wow this room is huge." Kayden screeched sitting up and turning around seeing the two hounds

"WHAT THE HELL?!" Kayden asked glaring at the two.

   "Woah. Kayden you have abs." Jalen said staring at her tummy as she was in a bra and she scowled covering her body with her blanket and grabbed a shirt. Jake ran in holding a knife.

   "Whats wrong? What happened?" He asked and Kayden snorted as the two hounds looked at Jake then at Kayden.

   "Who the hell is this?" Warren asked and Kayden snorted again.

    "Jake we're good. These idiots just appeared in my room. Warren this is my uncle Jake." Kayden said to him. "Remember him?" She asked and they nodded as Warren and Jalen sat on her bed. Jake glared at the two men

   "Use the damn door next time." He scowled leaving the room as Kayden looked at them.

   "How is everyone?" She asked and Jalen looked at Warren who looked at him and they flashed a fake innocent smile

   "Great everyone is still... Recovering." Warren said "But we're good." He cleared his throat and Kayden raised a brow looking at them like they were weirdos before getting up.

   "How is Rafael? He hasn't been answering my calls." She said and they once again shared a look before looking at her.

   "A bit. Out of it." Warren said causing Kayden to pause "But don't worry. Alaric is handling everything." Warren added quickly.

   "Yeah we aren't here to coax you back. Alaric said to not even mention the fact that Rafael is stuck in a wolf form-" Warren smacked Jalen in the back of his head as Kayden turned and faced them in shock.

   "WHAT?!" She shouted.

   "And that... Alaric destroyed Hopes file and we're the only three that remember her- OUCH QUIT THAT." Jalen scowled rubbing the spot Warren hit again.
   "What the hell?!" Kayden said in shock "What is going on?!" She asked and the two frowned "What else am I missing?" She asked them and they shrugged.

   "Josie is fine-" Warren punched Jalen in the shoulder with a deep scowl wanting him to shut up. Jalen scowled back at Warren as he rubbed his arm pouting. Warren rolled his eyes and looked at Kayden

   "Listen. Don't worry about that. Everyone is okay. We'll figure it out. But right now we'll need you to stay here. How has controlling yourself been going?" Warren said shaking his head at Jalen.

   "I've been developing habits. Jake is a exercising finatic. Its annoying." She scowled "Which is why I have these." She pointed at her abs "He's been training me and I've been learning how to control my urges. Even to use my powers." She said "it's kinda hard though sometimes." She said "Everyonce in a while my hound kind of wants to hunt so Jake got her a fridge full of o negative blood. It helps us." She mumbled and the two nodded. "Will Raf be okay? Are you sure they don't need me?" She asked them and they nodded gently.

   "Relax Kayden. Everything will work itself out... I think." Warren said as Kayden let out a growl and the two backed up. "I thought your hound isn't in control." Kaydens head snapped over looking at Warren.

    "She doesn't hunt humans. Doesn't mean she'll tear you to shreds." Kayden pointed a finger at the two before slowly walking over to them who backed into the wall. "You and Alaric will fix my brother. Or I swear to god I'll tear that school down." She glared her eyes turning red as the two nodded. "Now get the hell out of my face." Kayden turned and shook her head as the two disappeared. She blinked and took deep breaths trying to control her self from lashing out. Suddenly there was a sharp pain in her heart and Kayden cried out accidentally knocked stuff off her dresser as she fell to her knees and let out a large and loud growl that shook the house her hair changed its color.

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