I Want To Be Famous!

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Everybody wants to be famous! Measurements of what exactly fame is and just how much we want it is different for every person but at the back of everyone's mind the concept of being known is quite exciting. But we all start at the bottom and have to work our way up.

This will be a series of different posts that highlight some of Wattpad's features in an effort to maximize exposure. They will attempt to show Wattpadders different ways for them to potentially gather more readers and more reads and, ultimately, achieve some level of fame. Each will be just one portion of a very large and intricate system that needs to be brought together to increase the odds of success, and the individual pieces may not work as well as all of them as a whole.

Always keep in mind though that writing is partially luck. Success when writing is not always determined by quality or quantity. Some writers write many works and are never discovered, and others write few quality works and are still never discovered. However, having just one person read your work is certainly a massive success for many authors! You should never set a bar higher than you can ever reach and should always understand that 

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