Chapter1: The Uncomplete Frightning Truth

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Do you ever wonder why certain things in life exist? And what's the real meaning behind them? I do a lot. Like what is the meaning of leaving my municipality to go live somewhere else where I would be trained to fight and protect my society. I have no idea why I was chosen for this duty. I'm not very brave and out going. I ten to hesitate more often than just do things in a snap of a finger.

It's either becoming something in this life or becoming one of them. Becoming nothing is an embarrassment in your family, it shows how little hard working you are and basically as people said back then lazy. I would get a lot of pity if I didn't follow the governments rules.

This is the new way of living in 3014. Male's are the ones most respected around here. That's the number one thing I hate about this society. It wasn't like this before until the War of 2019.

Everyone at that time was treated fairly and equally. Boys and Girls were sent to the same school. And it was there decision if they wanted to go to an all girl or boy school. Everyone could have a valuable education that was worth living for. At 18 most would leave there home and travel around until they could find a place they could call home.

It wasn't like that at all anymore.

There was about 300 children born each year in big municipality such like Chicago, NYC, LA, Miami, Seattle, New Orleans, Newark, Oklahoma City, Honolulu, and Las Vegas. On December 31st once all 300 youths turned 18 they were all divided into ten groups with 30 youths in each. Ten would go to Chicago. Ten would go to NYC. Ten would go to LA. And so on. Some of us were lucky enough to stay in our municipality's unlike others, like me, are destined to leave and to never come back.

And I'm frightened.

Ello This is a story that comes from my brain and I would lik to share it with those who read it hope you'll stick around and enjoy this book cuz it'll mean a lot. Basically this first chapter is to introduce the main point of this weird society I made up. Crazy huh. Well bye.


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